Tuesday, 18 July 2017

And the internet goes mad

So new doctor who is Jodie Whittaker and the internet went mad... a woman doctor what?!

I enjoyed the new Doctor and the Christmas specials and all the fun and sometimes scary and unexpected twists and turns. And frankly I didn't think much about who is going to be a new doctor. Until I was listening to Scummy Mummies podcast and when Helen Thorn's daughter said wouldn't it be nice if next doctor would be a girl... like a little light bulb went off in my head, yeah really why can't it be a woman. 
 12th doctor was so much fun, thank you Peter Capaldi! And the new companion Pearl Mackie's character Bill was gay. Honestly the episode with Romans and discussion about sexuality made me chuckle and it was just so as a matter to fact! Also very sad to see her leave the show. I loved Bill...

The show is about kindness, bravery and love. Doctor is always trying to help everyone! 
But all this not only just a great show it also shows kids that it's all good qualities and being different is ok and even cool... 
So when doctor regenerates doctor can be anything. And even maybe with tentacles. Pretty sure one of the doctors actually says so after the regeneration. So why can't the doctor be a woman?!

Yes BBC did a big announcement of this. And it is a bit deal. It's an important show and for the 1st time in Dr Who history, 50 years, Doctor is a woman. I guess they also anticipated the reaction....
What annoys me is that some of these haters don't even watch the show... or supporters of the choice of actor say that they will actually watch the show. I say no your opinions are not valid here you don't watch it and probably never will.

It is most certainly NOT political correctness gone mad. The show needed a new actor the show got the new actor. And yes this might inspire bunch of young girls and tell them that they can be anything. Just like bunch of young girls growing up now and in the 80s thinking that having a female prime minister is totally normal (politics aside it is just representation).

If she can see it she can be it!

But what about the boys you say? Well from the beginning the Doctor was a remarkable number of wonderful male actors, wouldn't you agree?
Personally I am more sad about  Steven Moffat has left the show too... I truly loved the episodes that he did.... 
But it is going to be fun, new Doctor, new writers, new companion! 
Super exciting change is upon us can we just be happy and look forward to new season?

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Food festival with toddler

I love summer time festivals in Cardiff. Used to look forward when tourist information office would dropped off the booklets for summer festivals in the city.
And my favourite by far is the food festivals in the bay. Last year we were really lucky to go on he day when Welsh football team were coming home. Town was super busy and t was nice a peaceful in the bay. So baring this in mind I have decided to pick up my mother in law and the child and we went down on Friday afternoon. 
But the child decided not to nap.. I hate when he refuses to nap. He was tired and grumpy... and very loud in his complaint about the situation he had created him self... 
We couldn't stay at any stalls for too long, or one of us would nose around while the other would push the pram around. 
We gave in in the end. He was happy running about and jumping off things but then wanted to be carried around. Damn this child is thin but sooo heavy! 

Pretty much only time he was happy was when he mounted the snow dog. 
But I sill managed to get few bits and bobs, like wonderful homemade natural cordials (had some with prosecco already) and a lovely pie from Wessex Pantry. And I don't even like pies! But these guys make excellent pies!

So I would definitely recommend to go and sample and buy and eat and drink and have a dance down the bay this weekend! 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Quiet time

Mama's life is hard and it's very hard to find quiet time. I miss just sitting down and maybe crafting or just chilling, or having friends over or just a bath... 
Now with Big Guy all these things need to planning ahead. Yes I have to plan time in the bath. It's this intense. But I do get some quiet time every so often, when Edgar naps... I listen to podcast.

Yes my regular favourites like Kermode and Mayo, No Such Thing as the Fish, Answer me this and Scummy Mummies. 
But I have discovered the new ones recently and I want you to have a have a listen to... so here it goes.
The Guity Feminist 
They explore out noble goals in achieving equality for all while being super funny and yet super unsightful. This week they were talking about raising feminist boys which is a topic close to my heart. And if only I could get my hubby to give a go too... 
Then the creator of GF created Global Pillage. I always laught out loud to the silliness and enginiousnes of the comedians at this panel show. Yes it's a thing! Put Deborah Francis-White on TV I say!
Then of course from Answer me this Helen does the Allusionist. The fascinating things about the English language with the jokes thrown in. I guess I am also a fan of Helen's style of podcasting. 
So Allusionist had introduced me to Imaginary Worlds. Maybe I'm not interested in every subject Eric Molinski talks about but I am facinated by all and learnt so much. The episode Imagining Wonder Woman and about Slave Leia 2016 really stuck with me, and of course A Year Without Summer about Mary Shelly. 
I also just started to listen to Dirty Mother Pukker but Mother Pukker and At Home with... 
The DMP I enjoy because they discuss these things that are closed to me as a "people who happened to be parents" so I am not just a mama I am a person who happens to be a mama. Also their choice of words just makes me giggle like "bonking with intent" ... in tears! 
As for At Home with... well it's just nice that two ladies speak to other ladies they are really admire. It make for a nice listen. Even if I want it to be more of a visual thing, like a TV show. Oh prehaps it is the their starting point. But I got to say ladies they have spoken to are truly remarkable and interesting. 
And one more ... however this podcast is anything but about Frasier. Yes, it is the Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs by Kevin Smith and Matt Mira. They talk so much and some of it is actually funny or even enlightening about the TV series in general but when they have actual guest who were involved with show. 

So yeah I spend my time passively learning about stuff I guess. May it be people's options on parenting or actual random bits about the language and fun facts around the world. 
And of couse you can find these on iTunes or similar outlets! And so let me know what you are listening in your free time. 

Cleansing. Product review

I am blessed or cursed with oily skin. 
Generally speaking it is good and has lots of collagen which means sings of ages are not as visible and will be delayed in general but this also means that I often have a shiny face and prone to blemishes and such.... 
So with that in mind I wanted to change my regular Boots botanicals cleanser for something less oily. But I wanted to continue that hot cloth routine and I don't want to spend a lot of money. So I got this from Superdrug under £5

And here is my big shiny and tanned face. 

The cleanser has a nice texture and spreads lovely on. Washes off easily living the skin feeling clean. But for the first week I was using it I had to apply moisturiser pretty much straight after my skin felt dry and like there was no water left on earth! But now it is better I guess it adapted. Also fave didn't feel oily which is nice for summer time. 
I am not sure if I'll get it again... pros are great but that feeling of dryness... and do not, I repleat do not used the cloth that comes with the product it so so rough on the skin! 
So texture is great, but some affects that are actually gone now are not so much. 
So undecided! 
But love their anti animal testing policies! 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Major downs and ups this week

It was the best of times it was the worst of times... oh wait! So here is what happened this week. 
On Tuesday in a very silly way by keeping my Mulberry purse in the pram basket I lost it. Or it was stolen. 
Yes it's the purse hubby gave me for my bday last year and I love it deeply and I have some cash in it... well there was also my resident permit in it. And this means I cannot leave the country until I have a replacement. 
So we had to cancel our trip to motherland end of this month. Damn. 
Everyone is upset, apart from maybe toddler since he didn't really know what is going on. 

But then on Friday we had an adventure in Doctor Who experience and saw Spider-Man: homecoming. 

Got to tell you if you haven't been to Dr Who in Cardiff do visit. It's fun! And don't forget it is closing end of summer. As for Spider-Man well he is my new favourite marvel superhero! 

But my streak of trouble isn't over. This morning I was trying to fix my laptop... and I dropped it. So yeah I have the worst track record with laptops they just die on me like flies... 

Hope Sunday will be a fun day! And tomorrow it's hubby's birthday! Hooray! 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

My new plant baby

Plants are great! They pretty they produce oxygen and just make house feel like a home. However nothing compares to growing a plant from a seed or a just a small cutting. 
I guess you have seen a lot of people growing avocados from the pit. It loooks fun and super satisfying. It is a super poprular thing to do they even growing an avacoado in Big Bang Theory.
So I have been trying to grow one like well for about 6-9 months now. My previous attempt been dug out from the pot by little man. Naughty child! 
But I persevered... 

It was super easy just required a lot of patience. The how to's seems to be all in favour of sticking toothpicks into the pit and letting it sort of float above the water... well I don't have any or ever had them in the house so I just stick the pits into the espresso cups. Once the roots got long enough I moved the pit into this cute vintage milk bottle 

These are now my cutting and growing stuff in bottles. 
And just keep changing water and topping it up. The pits are super hungry. 
I planted mine when the little leaves have appeared. 
They are now twice the size and I have 2 more pits about to sprout roots on the kitchen windowsill. 


Now this unusual looking plant sits on the light living room windowsill.
Give it a try it's really easy! 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Wonderful Wonder Woman!

I love a good superhero movie. Yes a lot of them are damn similar and but they do entertain and such. And this is point of cinema, provide escapism, entertainment and hopefully send a good message. 
I am not much for DC universe, these films take them selves so damn seriously. Oh Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman (BVS:DOJ as no one calling it), I guess Sucide Squad was better of all them but still not without fault.... so to be perfectly honest I did not have much hope for Wonder Woman. But trailers look good, I didn't see much of them but it was... well there was something captivating about the teasers. 

I was actually rather excited and would love to see WW on opening night but it didn't happen. Also I have listened to interview with Gal Gadot on Kermod and Mayo film podcast (whittertainment) and it made me happy. But then they read out some of the listeners review and the opinions were very split! From glorious  praise to calling it anti feminist. I am with the delighted guys and gals!
SPOILERS Further ahead

It is super nice the rare female superhero take lead for a change even if with couple of men at her side. She all about love and humanity. Such a refreshing notion really. 


It was nice to the amazon island and get a peek into their history and origins. It was nice to see bad ass women just being strong. And the scene with the shilled on the island! Oh my goodness! 
Also it was super nice to see actresses who weren't in their 20s to take centre stage... so this Carrie Fisher popped into my mind when she asked if everyone can see her since women after certain age are invisible in Hollywood. 
I personally don't see WW as a super pro feminist film. It is a very good super hero film who happened to be a woman. And it is a refreshing change. It is also the 1st film of this kind to have a female director. And this is great to. And in my option it is the most successful one from all the DC franchise. So let us women do more! 


One of the negative comments was that she have fallen in love with the 1st man she saw... umm wouldn't you fall in love with Chris Pine with his "above average" well everything?! Looks like he played a massive role in introducing Diana into the real world and he did a great job! 
And then some one else said that she could only fight and defeat the big bad because of super sad thing that happens and involve the man she loves... well she didn't experience any of these emotions before so makes total sense! Stop trying to pick on WW for being well human being! 

So all and all this film show a different kind of super hero, who is so kind and will fight injustice. 
I cannot wait till my son is old enough to see this film! 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Coffee Break

So I fly alone today. Men folk are in the pool. 
I took my self for a coffee shop lunch. 


As I was browsing the sandwiches and what nots there is a Big Bang and tray on the floor with some coffee escaping everywhere. And one very embraced lady trying to give a quick tidy... 
so this got me thinking. Not only about the terrible staff that they didn't stop her and told her that's ok and to chill, but also why do we get so embarrassed and worked up about not being perfect.
What is perfect really? It is nice to strive for better and improvement, but why do we get so worked up. 
That lady told me it was her mumming instinct to tidy straight after... but why do we feel the need to make sure to be perfect and not be judged by others. 

So once again I just wish that everyone would be kinder and try not to judge each other. 
We all, well a majority of us, wants to be better than we are. But if and when we have these little failed moments wouldn't be just nice to be nice to ourselves? Think this would be a nice change in our mental state. 
Be nice to people around and yourself and go vote tomorrow! 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Teasers and trailers

As you might already know I am a big fan of a superhero films. And I tend to gravitate towards Marvel but will give DC a chance. Actually very much looking forward to go see Wonder Woman next week. 


But film maker and promoters made me super angry of late...
Do you remember the trailer for Captain America Civil War when the casually put Spider man in the end? Or the X-Men Appocalipsis, when they got Logan scraping walls in the very end too? 
I get you need to get bums on sits and sell tickets and merch but with such well established franchises I honestly don't think these are necessary. Wouldn't it be a nice suprpise to see these guys when you are actually watching the film?! So annoyed. 
However there is another thing promo people do: out all the funny jokes into the trailer ... however irritating it is they make these comedies like 10 a year and some of them are pretty awful so I guess I can agree with untruthful representation of this kind of film in the trailer. 
So this brings me to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2... 

like with any other marvel films I prefer not to know the story. Especially since I have never read the comic in my life so I was trying the avoid the trailer. Then hubby said there is a major plot spoiler in the trailer... and it's a massive film release. And I go to the cinema fairly regularly... gosh this game of avoiding all the trailers gets super hard and annoying. But I have managed.... just. Actually had to walk out as I got into the screen once. Looks like a right nutter! 
So I guess I would express the majority of cinema goers that spoilers in the trailers suck! And suck soooo much!! And please trailer makers, production companies, we will still go and see films, don't ruin the experience by giving away the plot twists and cameos in the trailers. Thank you!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Parenting Anxiety

Did you know that there is everyone thinks they are experts? Well yeah we all seen these so called friends offering an advice on any subject... 
But did you know how much pressure there is from the society on parents? And the judgment. So freaking much!
I am also guilty of that, I am working on that though. 
However this isn't a post about this. This is a post about me freaking out about my spirited toddler who woke up today before 5am. 


Edgar is now 2 and 8 months old. He is a happy, active boy, with a very strong personality... 
We are the only people around with a kid.
I speak Russian to him, when I don't forget... 
So Egg interacts better with adults and really not fussed on other kids. And he doesn't talk. He finds his way to get stuff he wants directing us and we can understand him. It would be a nightmare if we didn't. 
Oh and I don't work and hubby works all the time to support us. Basically with him being a chef and it is very difficult to find a job that would fit around childcare... 

So... our nursery is a bit concerned about these issues with little Egg man. Our health visitor referred us to speech therapy... it's truly wonderful to have so many resources on NHS but since these are on NHS wait and  time scales are ridicules. To get a proper advice and comments from a therapist they want to see him in nursery. And the only time they can come in to see him  is July! Two months from now. And Edgar been referred as priority.... 

And all of this makes me angry and super worried. I am certain that the kid just doesn't want to talk and doesn't want to play with kids just yet coz the adults are more interesting. 
I was mainly with adults and played by myself, I turned out ok. 
I am also worried with all this professionals around him looking for something unsual they will find it. 

And then I blame my self... 
I blame my self for not taking all the time to him. I blame my self for speaking Russian and for speaking not enough Russian. I blame myself for not being able to find work and that's why kid doesn't have a lot of nursery time (read other kid interaction). I blame myself for not ignoring all the mummy's cliques at play groups and stop going. I blame myself for everything. 

Welcome to mumming world! It is amazing and wonderful and yet terrible and isolating.... 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Only love can...

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that" Martin Luther King Jr 

... I have no words... 


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Crazy Plant Obsession

I think I always had plants in my life... 
in the summer our balcony was like a little jungle back home. It was the only place that got sun all day long. 
So it wasn't a new scandi trend that I am into. 
However the love for plants didn't mean that I can pot, prune and put them in the right place... but it all has changed. Thanks to hubby dearest who is also rather greenfingered himself, he showed me how to plant, repot and what happens when he looses interest and forgets to water things... 
He doesn't water when I tend to overwater... no middle ground here. Oh and little one loves to water too.

We got a new succulent friend while food shopping yesterday. 

But luckily I have started to google and read on the plant subject so my green babies will thrive. 
I got to say our windowsill is super pretty 

I also learnt how to propagate some plants. It's actually easy and really satisfying. And then I give new plant babies away.
With warmer weather our garden is also looking rather  greener... but the mint! Who ever owned our house before planted the mint... without any way of limiting it. It's everywhere! I pulled some out of middle of patio in between the paving tiles. So my advice grow mint in a container! 

 Since the garden is still growing and not quiet finished there are only few photos of it. But this is the wonderful hydrangea we got from the flower show... 
Fun fact it was light blue when I brought it home. 


They change their colour depending of acidity in the soil. It has change the colour again... into more pinkish territory. 
Now I really want to clear the house of unwanted furniture and then hang some brackets up to hand flower pots of. It would be magical! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 
We are off to the Sunday market to see if I can score some more plants.
Sorry husband, I know I have promised not to get anymore... 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

My favourite shops

I love clothes and fashion... I love stuff and things makes me happy. I used to have so many shoes.... and some of them I haven't even worn before... and ever. 
I still have few shoes that I can't wear anymore since I had my son. My feet changed, just as much as my body did. I am still tiny size 2,5 to 3 (35-36 European) but now I also have wide feet. 


Yeap my feet got fat! And some of my old shoes are no good anymore. Damn! So I still fit into my wedding shoes? Will have to check this later. 
But as I got older I am trying to be more mindful of things I own. Sadly I would still get my things at cheap highstreet chains but I am getting less. I do not need tons of dresses and tees... 
I came to realise that I wear only certain things. If before I would wear dressed and would never wear shorts, now I mainly wear shorts, jeans and tees ... best gear to chase the toddler around. Now I am more conscious about my stuff to go with one another rather just be say a top that I can only wear with one thing.
But there are few exceptions to my new enlightened shopping way... 

Edgar... kid grows, ruins his clothes.


How cute is this hat?! And how cute is Egg in this hat. But it is straw. Like a delicate straw. So not for this energy ball!
Skin care... lotions, soaps.... I love these. 
Home... oh I love a nice stroll through a homeward department. 

Especially candels, such an easy way to transform your home. With dimmed flickering light and a scent. 
And my new obsession plants... 

Got this little guy at the RHS Flower Show. He has been repotted and has taken a proud spot on sunny windowsill in our bedroom... however I have promised  to hubby not to get anymore just yet.

This fast fashion culture we have it truly terrible. The waste, recycling, labour... have you seen that BBC Huw's war on waste from couple of years ago when he stood on the mountain of clothing? 
And think of these people who lost their lives in Bangladesh when the factory building collapsed... Here is a little Indi article on the subject...
I found this video on YouTube with great explanation of fast fashion.

But don't get me wrong, we cannot just shop ethically all the time. It is possible but not when I do not work personally, for example...  But do you really need new outfit every time you go out on the weekend? Or a brand new holiday wardrobe? So I am trying to shop more mindful if you like. Think before I buy... I have started to make a wish list every month of things I would like to have and goals I would like to achieve. And I go to say it really helps...

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

So retail not for me

Last few weeks I have had adventures in trying to get a job in a very nice shop... in order not to offend and perhaps general witchines (with a B) I shall not say what shop it is. But if you are friends on Facebook you know. 
So these guys had a notice outside their shop about the "recruitment" event. Well I thought you don't know unless you try.

Well it was something I definitely haven't done before and something very different. 
There was a massgive amount of people, think must have been about 80-100 of us turned up. And I was the minority, everyone seemed to be young and fresh, and born in 90s or even 00s. Strange feeling of not belonging came over me, like I am old and uncool. Husband texted saying that I am actually vintage.... 
I was almost the last person to get a one to one interview that lasted like 5minutes and been offered the trial shift. 
This got me very excited. I didn't think about it much. But when I got there and was let loose on the customer ... well I guess I just like to asses people first. Some one them just bored and pop over to kill time. I mean I quiet regularly do this myself and really not impressed when some one is trying to "assist" me. 
When I was sent home I felt super down. Like poop and totally disappointed in myself. 
I didn't hear back from them. Perhaps actually keeping people's cv handy or not taking email addresses on scraps of paper... oh never mind. 
Later same day I realised that I am just being silly, I never wanted to work in retail, I also wasn't sure if I would be able to make the hours with childcare. Would they accommodate my childcare needs? But I guess we will never know. 
What I did take away from this is that I can blab my way in without much difficulty. That I don't want to work in this type of retail. That happiness and perkiness should be real and not put on like a mask, I love genuine happiness. 
But it again brought me to the thought about flexibily... most of the employers want flexible employees but they aren't willing to be flexible themselves. Damn childcare is such a complicated issue... 

Monday, 1 May 2017

British Films

The easiest thing for me to do is to run away to the cinema. I love it. I have an unlimited card, I pay monthly fee and go to the cinema as much as I want. Even if it is too see the same film, yeah thinking about Rogue One. Gosh I loved that one so much!
But somehow lately I have managed to see mainly, British films. And these films couldn't be more different. 
First one I saw was Free Fire.


Oh my how different the story is... and it appears that everyone shoot like a storm trooper...badly. Basically a story about the shoot out and how things can escalate very quickly. This film is also very funny. Like super funny. Shame it wasn't in the cinema for too long. 
Another film that was in the cinema just for a week is City Of Tiny Lights


This film is actually adoptation of Patrick Neate's novel with the same title. Sort of a detective story, and a book I think I would rather enjoy... but my reading is mainly consists of Julia Donaldson and other wonderful kiddie writers. Maybe when I will have a bit more free time. I really enjoyed this film and I really enjoyed the interview it's lead Riz Ahmed did for Kermod and Mayo film review podcast... 
If you have time do watch this film. You will enjoy it. 

And the last film I saw, that had less diversity was Their Finest 


Good war time tale of movie magic to cheer up the masses. And one woman's struggle to make women's contribution known. It is not nessesary and feminist story but it has this feel. Visually this film is stunning and nostalgic I guess. Funny moments are funny, sad moments are super sad, and do not trust the artist. 
Once again a very good film, very enjoyable. This picture will appear to mass audience more than the other ones but it doesn't mean either of these films are bad. Their just very different and the last one just ticks all the demographic boxes. 
So yeah 3 very different film and all three were definite worth my time. Even if the chap in the row behind me was singing along with characters in their finest. Very strange. 

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Sunny day out. RHS flower show

This post is mainly picture. ... we were at the flower show in Bute Park in Cardiff. Here is what we saw and enjoyed looking at.


The RHS makes a lovely day out. Weather was glorious, flowers were fragrant, what more can you wish on your weekend in April. 
They also have good few kiddie activities. We're we're even newly hatched chicks for little ones to look at, story time... If you think they only have flowers and garden stuff you are mistaken, there is also a food quarter and bunch of craft stalls. We will be going again next year! Will you? 

Toy overload. Parenting hack.

We are the only one with a child so we get a lot of toys given. And it is wonderful, however...
  • Toys took over our living space
  • Egg didn't show any interest in any
  • Mess was everywhere
  • Noisy toys are the worst!
  • All the storage is for toys 
  • Egg empties everything 
This has to stop! But how to you tell people that enough of toys please and do not sound like an ungrateful SOB? Well for Christmas we set the limit that if you are getting Egg a toy get just one.
Yeah that worked.... I suppose grand parents are here to spoil! But we also got a lot of book, and this is actually super awesome! Thank you great grand mama aka Snowy. 
So after spending yet another evening mainly putting the toys away I have decided to sort and hide. So I put away all the little toys and ones he hasn't really play with since being a little baba. 
Then I put all the wooden blocks, wooden cars, wooden train track together and took it to the spare room. Same happened to noisy toys... now I have to say these were hidden very fast and pretty much aren't coming back in batches. Some toys were just put together coz I couldn't categorize them... and the abundance of soft toys were put into these lovely bags you vacuum the air out of. He just isn't into them. I mean I have left some around, like talking Rock, Elmo and a rattly caterpillar we got from the monthly box
We had wooden toys out for a while so I finally took them away and left the school bus and Twirlywoos... 
The child played with them for 40min in the morning. 
And later refused to go out since he was busy playing 


So here we have a happy boy about to make a ramp out of the sofa's cushion... 
Well he is happy and it's less to tidy after. I call it a win win situation! 
I understand that it might not work for everyone, we are lucky enough to have space to hide this hoard of toys. 
One of my mates from high school actually was giving her daughter a box full of certain toys a day to play with. Same result! 
I am actually amazed and a bit proud of this post, a parenting hack! Who would have thought I would be doing this! 

Monday, 10 April 2017


I finally went to see Logan last week... 
... Damn! 
So let me start form the beginning. I enjoy X men franchise... but I haven't seen them all. I missed the Wolverine  and the X Men Apocalypse (from few summers ago). But unfortunately I have seen the last stand... it was poo.

 But nether the less I do enjoy my superheroes with mutant flare. 
I have heard good things about Logan. But also that it has very graphic violence and is a very different film to all the others... and weren't these people right!

Good story telling, and truly heart breaking throughout. You know when you see a film where kids are in peril it is sad but when you are a parent and ... well I was in tears good few times. 
It is also a good stand alone film. Like Fantastic beasts. You don't have to be invested into the universe. But you still can enjoy the film. 
The young Dafne Keen is great, such a excellent performance from such a young actor. 
Now the big question is if I would see it again.... and you know. Yes I would. Not this year perhaps but I would love to see it again. 
I am just working my way through the old X Men films... and they hold pretty good. 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Geekery. Got it from my hubby.

We have this fab saying in Russian you get your traits from people you are with. Well I guess this is true. All my expressions and mannerisms are very very similar to my mother. But then again she is my mother so I guess that's ok. 
I also picked up a lot of expressions and words from husband. Well I suppose if some one says "poo" to a lot of things for over 11 years you sort stray doing it too... 
However what I didn't expect is how much I am influenced in my choices for "crap TV" and films by him. I recently started to enjoy watching wrestling... I know my Marvel from DC. And I really love Dr Who. 
I even marked out calendar when the great doctor is back on BBC! 


I actually remember watching Christopher Eccelston becoming the new Doctor. I was waiting for the train back to Neuchatel from my place of training in Chaux de Fonds, I had BBC on in changing room... but I didn't think twice about it until I moved in with hubby in 2006. 
But as wrestling I am more of an expert that I was. I love that they stopped having female wrestlers just as an eye candy, they are proper athletes and have their own belt. There is still issues with it, but WWE are moving forward and evolving. Oh and yes I loved their life shows that I have attended... I have wrote about this before
Hubby doesn't like Star Wars he is more Star Trek... I on the other hand not the Star Trek. Well I like the new films, but so not series. I guess we still have own interests but are influenced by each other in some way... I am so excited to get Rogue One on blue ray next week! 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Card Holidays ....

My hubby is a chef and I myself have been working in the industry for years so when some one says you might have to work the bank holidays, I don't even blink. I am used to it. 
However it feels a bit different now... 
Now that my job is being at home rearing a child. 
This Sunday just gone it was the Mother's Day in U.K. It's a nice holiday I guess... all the family getting together to celebrate these important women. 
It is also a very busy day at restaurants ... just like St Valentine's Day! It became overcrowded and commercial. I don't need this public displays of affection... also what is it like for people with no one to share these holidays with. But maybe I just being a grouch! 
However... this happened: 
I got this strange feeling that my two year old didn't out enough effort in... I don't know just felt down seeing all he families together enjoying the rare sunny day here in Wales. 
But he made me a card... well nursery staff made me a card.


But then I sort of snapped out of this.... 
And thought about consumerism and how happy I am to have that little rascal running after me and licking my nose. Yeah it's a thing. My child when feeling extra affectionate climbs on me holds my head and licks my face... 

So happy holidays if you are celebrating! And happy Sunday if you are not! 
And yes I know it is Thursday! 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Another Day Of Sun! La La Soundtrack

Have you seen La La Land? Well if you haven't you must have heard of it. And you heard all of that Oscar mishap and about the backlash against this wonderful picture. 
In my opinion some films have an important message or important sorry to tell like say Hidden Figures, and others tell a great sorry but without a deep meaning. And I think the La La was hat film. I mean it was about not giving up and have integrity but mainly it was about relationship of Mia and Sebastian. 


I think I didn't get warm fuzzing feelings about this movie due to crazy expectations I got after all the praise is the media... 
But then I have started listening to soundtrack... like all the time! It is glorious! Uplifting and makes me think happy thoughts. We even had a little dance off my with little one to Another Day Of Sun...
So basically I realised that I really enjoyed the film. Even if I didn't realise this straight away! It stays with you I guess...

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Damn you changing room mirror ...

Most of the time I am happy with my little wobbly bits and silly shortness... and and tiny feet that changed a lot after having a child. Yes my feet are now wide but still 2,5 size UK. So it is extra hard to buy shoes!
I am growing to love myself. I had a little dance around in my underwear the other day thinking that it's not so bad. I got very into sport BC (Before Child) so even if my bits were not skinny, no tigh gap and not a very define waist... well I was happy with how I looked. I was strong!

Look how not big I am... not that I am big now but I was more confident I guess... 

As strength goes I am still very strong. I can very easily carry a wiggle over 15kg child around. I would break some sweat but I will be fine. 

I even came with terms that yes I am a bit bigger now but size is just a number after all and the highstreet shops can't decided on sizing between them so when I am size 10 in one shop in another I would be size 14! What's is this madness... well it's just a number. 
So yesterday I didn't sleep much again due to he offspring having a strange sleeping thing... but it was Monday. It is my only day to myself so I went to roam around high-street shops. Mama's hips and thighs are so in love with each other so they can't stop touching so I need new jeans and new denim shorts... 
So it was good and well ok maybe I have picked up he wrong size after all... but the mirror made me look very very big. I have checked in mirror at home, I was still the same size. Don't know what happened...I got upset. I did actually get a lovely pair of jeans on gap with out trying them on even. And for a tenner ...so I thought I'm good and well and back to normal self.
I even slept longer today. Thank you kid. 
But suddenly... I just feel fat and unfit...
But fine I haven't been doing anything active but chasing the child around and walking with him.... 
Oh and the usual self doubt as a mother. 
So I feel crap! 
But the optimist in me has woke up and said... "D, you are silly! And you need a good sleep. For a month" amazing what lack of sleep does to you. 
I am also going to sing up for a race and get out there... this mama is happy when she runs!