Monday, 27 April 2015

cinema how I love you

Been to the cinema couple of times, saw very different films. Loved both of them....

A Little Chaos.

 Alan Rickman directing and acting, he is Louis XIV busy being Roi Soiel and moving everyone to Versaille. Kate Winslet is a landscape designer helping out on that project while under the genius of Le Notre played by Matthias Schoenaerts. This film is just sooo good and you really feel for all the characters. Do watch it. It is magical and will make you smile. Oh and Stanley Tucci is divine in it.

And then of course hubby insisted we go see Avengers Age of Ultron as soon as we can possibly can. 

So Edgar was left with his Grampy while we scooted off to cinema to watch Avengers in all its 3D glory! Oh and Joss did not disappoint. Action was marvellous, loved the background into characters and introduction of the new ones. And it even had some funny moments! 

"you all are not worthy!" 

So yeah, two very different films. Costume drama and crazy action, but I truly loved these both.
Currently re-watching all the Marvel films, starting with Captain America and looking froward to watch Rust and Bone

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Flower Show

Looking at flowers and wondering around is the best way to spend a day really. 
My mother in law, Egg and I went to RHS Flower Show in Cardiff last weekend. Frankly we didn't know what to expect, 1st time for us, but we really enjoyed it. Edgar slept for the most of it:) 

All the beautiful flowers and plants. They even had a special breed of daffodils called Doctor Who! How cute is that! 
We were clearly amateurs since we didn't have a little wheely box everyone seem to  drag around full of plants! 
Don't think we expected to see such a big crowd! The place was heaving with people some strolling some rushing around. 
They also had a crafty market and a small food market. Some sellers were pushier than others, looking at you Toffee vodka dude, others were really happy to answers all the questions, Yvonne now knows the difference between pierogi and pasty! 
The show even had some stands for kiddies and a small chickens and bunnies to pet! I kind of wanted to steal and owl from the bird sanctuary stand but just stroked it in the end. 
We acquired cacti from a couple wearing cacti waistcoats and I picked up a massive tray of baklava. Yvonne picked up some lettuces' seeds to plant in her garden. 

There are couple of things that put me off a bit.... The fact that I had to pay to print my tickets at home. With other options it just wouldn't work! And that the card machine on sight was charging for a transaction.... That's not cool RHS, Not cool at all! 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Oh now I like WWE

Ticking the boxes of great wifey and girlfriend we took the boys to see WWE in Motorpoint in Cardiff last weekend.
Frankly I was in for a night out and didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. 
We firstly left the baby boy with his Granny, and went for lunch.. Or what would you call lunch and dinner combined? Marvellous lobster been had by most of us! Oh I am a big fan of Burger & Lobster! Actually happened to be there two days in a row.... 


Hubby been trying to get me into wrestling for years! Actual year, but I was never paying much attention, maybe to skimpy diva outfits and beautiful abs here and there. 

I guess with arrival of WWE Network Steve got me watching all sorts. I really enjoyed the Legends' House. So much fun! But going back to the actual show... 

As much as Stephen keeps saying how big wrestlers are you do not get it until you see one not too far away from you. These dudes are huge! It was very fun and just the amazing atmosphere, kiddies love it! I think its kids that made it for me really... 


Well this awesome chap actually said how great the crowd always is in Cardiff! Lots of love to you too

I hope the little one will take on Daddy and uncle's love for wrestling, these guys are good role models. Even the "evil" characters:) 
You know how there are so many sport people that have been doping and such,it 's all over the news. But yes in wrestling there are also dark sides but now it's all vanilla... if you like! Like some people have not been inducted into hall of fame due to their career choice after wrestling. They have actually made an amazing thing for one special boy, Conner. He got an award and every time this is shown or mentioned I weep.

The amazing charity work WWE do is ... well amazing! 
  These people are amazing athletes and performers, and I would be thrilled to bits if my little man would chose to love it as much as his dad and uncle do!  

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Woman in Gold

It appears that I am not very familiar with work of Gustav Klimt...

I suppose if I prefer the impressionist and Van Gough to anything else... well here are few of my favourite painting... 

Starry night Van Gough 1889

Blue Dancers Edgar Degas

Last day of Pompeii Karl Briulov

Haystacks Claude Monet

Yes I know it is very mainstream... and not original... oh and this one by August Renoir 

But I also enjoy films about the art... Hated Girl with Pearl Earring by the way, but I loved Monument men and just been to see the Lady in Gold. (or maybe it is the only films about WWII I can watch?!)
No matter what my favourite podcast said, well it wasn't Kermod's review so I would like another opinion, I truly enjoyed it!
Dame Helen Mirren is just so believable.... but then I thought why did her character remained her Austrian accent, then it hit me, she still spoke German with her husband.... things like that took my mind off the Nazi horrors. 

Thinking back about the film, it is the one I would like to have on DVD or blue ray and I so totally disagree with Stand ins for Wittertainment! Wife character was ok, believable apart from her bump prosthetic! We wives like to support our hubbies and when one is preggers we can be rather irrational!
So in few words, I really enjoyed the film and really enjoyed the story!

Some days are better than others...

Some days are better than others.... and if the sun shines!!

Me and Egg went to the baby group, which was more that a toddler group and one mum was actually great to chat to. Think we might be back...

Same day we had beautiful sunshine! And his passport has arrived!! This means we can see babushka and dedushka in Russia. And I can just pass Edgar to them and roll back to sleep... also chap massages.... and other pleasantries.

And then we had fun in the sun!!

Eggy went on the swings for the 1st time ever and seem to really like it to our mutual delight...

With baby's soft skin one can never be to careful poor boy had to be covered in sunscreen... 
However we cannot travel on Daddy's shoulders just yet. But not long now we think.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sunny day out

Don't you just love this gorgeous sunshine we have this week! So wonderful!
Me and little man spend so little time at home, always in the park or meeting friend or just waking around enjoying vitamin D. Well me more then him.

We caught up with Rhian. Went for afternoon tea at Pettirgrew Tearoom to start with. And what a lovely, they even offer scones with fruit or without. 


Gorgeous home-made cakes, beautiful sandwiches and the cutest vintage china... Just so good... and in the sun in the Bute Park.

I love this about Cardiff, you get this nature on your doorstep and in the city centre. Also so some sort of bird muching a fish out of the river... and yes once again in the city centre.

Also check out these beautiful photos Rhian took of little man and me....

 I love the sunshine!! 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Play in the kitchen

When I met Steve all I could do is not a very nice pasta and pancakes .. I'm sure I could have done more but it was just me so I was not interested in spending much time in the kitchen... 
How things have changed! Like yesterday for example I have spend an hour making purées for little man. 
Today I was making one amazing tomato salad:) 

On that way it has been inspired by Raymond Montblanc, catch it him in iplayer on Kew on a Plate. Such a fun program. 
Then before that I was inspired by my friend Nourishing Chloe. She made these crunchy chick peas... I took her method and used it on corn instead. Came out a hit chewy. Our rented oven is not great! Like really not great!

But want I am really enjoying at the moment are the smoothies! With spinach or kale... With something added for sweetness like mango or banana or frozen berries. 

Cooking is easy! I wish some one would have told me is before:)