Thursday, 11 June 2015

Babushka time!

First of all let me make it clear... these are not babushka dolls...

  Traditional Russian nesting dolls called Matreshka. 
Babushka however is grand mother... or Kate Bush's song... you know this one

Now that is clear I can tell you that Edgar's Babushka, my mother, is here in Cardiff. 
And it has been wonderful. Egg giggles at her and I get to sleep in the mornings. 
She is actually here with the mission to take us to Russia for holidays... Imagine travel on the plan with almost 10 month old active little boy... Yes I cannot either.
But then I also worry about the time there. Would little one have a jet lag how does this work in small babies? What if my parented will drive me absolutely mad? What if my friends don't want to hang out. That is not that I have many friends left. It is all very worrying.... But cannot chicken out of this now. We are off to Russia on Friday.
And dearies in home town, I do not know yet how busy we will be but do get in touch if you wanna meet up, I shall make time for you!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

I have a confession to make...

well actually few of these...

I love love the property programs and am a fan of Kirstie Allsopp.

 Think she is so awesome! She is very inspiring, didn't she made entire nation craft in last few years? But also she is funny, intelligent  and feminist.

I also love George... You know the restoration man George. We once watched tons of his other programme. Think about 4 or 5 hours....mad!

Then I adore vintage shopping... I don't like the mass produce things, but I cannot afford anything else really so looking for one of the kind vintage pieces are the solution. If I could live in Beyond Retro in London I so would!

Besides vintage shoes fit my very small feet better! 

And my other confession is that I am a moonie. Apparently it is a thing. That's what you would call Sailor Moon fans.

I have been one for years really.... Since I have been little. Now we are re watching it with my little man, well he actually doesn't care much.

My other vices are love for races, purely for medals and buzz it gives me. Detective shows, a new favourite is Miss Fisher's Mysteries 

Oh is there no female leads ... At all?

Marvel is owned by Disney. In case you didn't know. So these awesome fun action films have big budgets and you know they will be a blockbuster! Well most of the time. 
But what about that dad who took his little girl to get a Gamora action figure after they seen Guardians of the Galaxy to Disney store... And found none. 
And now just out of the interest I went to have a look on what about the Age of Ulton... I loved Scarlet Witch and loved how they let more light in on Black Widow's past... I found this...

And this ....

The camp looking litre figurine is Mr Marvel.... What!? 
It is like there were no female leads what's so ever! How is this possible!! I filed utterly discussed! Sure there are lots of princess outfits but what about girls who kick arse?! 

I am very happy to see the development in the princess' characters they don't just clean sing and wait! They shoot for their own hand, run away and work hard to make their dreams come true... 
What message does this send to little girls? Sure dear, you're ok to wear a pretty dress but to wear trousers and maybe learn martial arts is a no no?! 

What's up Disney?! 

P.S. If you do want to get figurines of kick ass girls Amazon has some. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Sunday - race day!

Stephen said to Edgar while pushing his pram to the park to the start "yes, Egg, that's what she does... And fairly regularly!" I guess Egg will be my biggest supporter. 
This Sunday I did the Women's Running 10k. And it was awesome! Really nice route, even if we had to do the 2 loops. Pacers did the amazing job so did the marshals clapping and cheering the runners. 
And I had such a great time that I didn't realised that I smashed my personal best and got this result!

Steve and Dickie are fascinated that I must be super annoyed at these 47 milliseconds... Oh well but it is just barely over and hour when I expected to finish in a hour and 2 or even 3 minutes! It was a pleasant surprise! 
And as we know race day doesn't finish at the finish line. Oh by the way check out how awesome the goody bag is! 

And the medal is extra lovely too with back engraved with date and place of the race!!

I do think that I actually managed to do this run due to extra work with Nike running club. Even if I am the slowest person there! 
But as we all know this the race day never finishes at the finish line... We went to Wahaca and Street Food Circus.

 It was so much food and rather fun cocktails! Like candy floss vodka! 
Another big thank you to my awesome support team!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What I did today

We are preparing for our holidays in Mother Russia. This means that Edgar needs to get a visa ... So is his Dada and Grammy. And it's a hassle!
And I actually had to go to London... 
But at least I got to see this cute chap! 
And for the 1st time Edgar stayed with Grammy for such a long time. Everyone was  happy. I was actually worried that he would grouch too much but they had a great day together. I on the other hand had a slightly stressful day. I was worried about application form, that I've forgotten stuff and that Egg is driving Grammy up the wall crying and kicking off... 
Well everything was rather good. So now we are busy preparing for Babushka's arrival and our trip over there. 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Fun Day!

Hubby told me about this "food fair" at Chapter Art Centre. And being super busy as per usual I totally forgot about this... Imagine my surprise when I got the text "bunch of little stalls you would love it! Oh and can you bring an apron"...
The event was called the Art Car Bootique to celebrate 100 years of WI. Amazing!!

So off we went to the Chapter. We lived in Canton and Riverside for years, yet I never been to Chapter. Fail on my part I think, looks like an amazing place.

There were soo many people about. Great atmosphere, people, puppies, prams and baby carriers everywhere. I so wish Edgar would still be small enough to be carried around. But we had a cuddle and wonder in the arms so he could look around properly. 

And thing we saw! Lots of stalls and people! Handmade and unique things! People making art by cycling! Swan trailer... (sort of, not sure what to name this)! Lots of Vintage! We saw an awesome drum band! Our favourite Elderflower wine lady! And had her amazing elderflower and strawberry belini, mama had it not baby! 

We also spend some time with Daddy and lobster people. And Edgar even had some of the awesome lobster roll. Well he might have more interest in the brioche bun... But then again I haven't found any remains of the roll, so I guess we have yet another lobster convert!

I of course had to get some things... Like these awesome studs from The Catkin Boutique. I think I might give the cat ones to my mum since the look so much like my parents cat! Too cute!!

And as the last thing I had some of this awesome rum cocktail form Migli Lounge . It was like summer in the glass! 

It was really amazing event wish we could have stayed longer... It's nice to see that Cardiff has such awesome locals who can make truly anything!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Social butterfly

It is much harder to find time to go out.... Well also find friends who are free during the day... And one does need a grown ups to talk to every so often so I won't go a bit bananas. Well more then usual.
This time we went for lunch with Rhian. 

She told us all about her visit to Harry Potter land... I really want to go myself and take mini me but do not think he will appreciated yet... But as Rhian nice put "if you raise him well he will love Harry Potter"...  Nicely said! But I think I might need to wait till he is a bit older.
Oh and food wise we been to Madame Fromage where I of course had ton of cheese and in Artigiano for some "mama's little helper". Both places are wonderful with great stuff and staff!! 

Also I do think my child at his tender age been put more often than I have in my 1st 10 years of my life!