Sunday, 18 February 2018

Last weekend

So last weekend was not only special that I went out on Friday night but also that we had Egg at grandparents so we were free to do why we wanted... 
with no routine, bedtime ... 
Strange feeling. Usually when baba is away Steve is working, and never have experienced the child free time. 

We started out time alone by shouting insults at each other. It’s was very dirty ones! Sort of got it out of the system and didn’t need to hold the toungue until bedtime. So funny, and I kept it up for a kind time. 
We did a bit of a tidy, sorted the abundance of t-shirts. Now I need to take them to H&M to recycle and to charity shop. 
Next day we went to the cinema, shopping and watched rugby with take out. We even went to Jacob’s Antiques which is impossible with the small active child!
But I was feeling like something was missing. My baby wasn’t home. And for the 1st time I really missed him. It is true that you are never alone once you have a child and sometimes when you are it is very strange felling of being incomplete... 
However Egg man had a great time, he finally discovered the piano. He is a bit fan of it. And he had to good play with his uncle and was dressed up as lightning McQueen... 

He refused to take the outfit off. Mama’s little racer! 
Now I actually have it hidden for special occasions or else he will be wearing it all the time! Even to preschool  

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Roller Derby Wannabe

I have this awesome friend, who I don’t see very often but I know she is always there for me. But on the rare occasions we do meet. And we talk, we eat, we drink we have fun. 
We used to see each other pretty much every day and if not at work then in the gym... 
this time I actually managed to get Egg man to his grandparents for the whole weekend. So no early wake up with a wine head. It should have been epic and it was coz few days before the X day I got the text asking if I wanted to go roller skating before dinner. 
Damn right I did. The to Drew Barrymore and Shauna Cross I was all roller derby since 2009 when Whip it! film came out. I even got the skates that year for Christmas. But I think I only used them once. 
Oh it was so fun. Slightly worried about all the kiddies around but fun and different activity. 

Physical fun followed by some awesome Italian food at an independent Italian place... 

And bottle of Vediccio and 2 Aperol cocktails... this mama was happy. 

So happy in fact that I want to revisit my dreams of derby. For now I want to find my DVD and lend Viera the book. 

Actually the roller skating was a good fun, legs remembered after a circle. Muscle memory is a wonderful thing. I was very apprehensive of the little ones around and sort of wished that it was adults only so if you do knock them over they can actually take it  and will not have protective parents around. 
Oh our event actually had some instructors on the rink too. And that lady was amazing. You know that song that tell you “move to the right, now every body clap your hands” she did the dance routine with bunch of adoring fans who were pushing 11! I never knew you can do Cha-cha in roller skates! 

Also discovered the Aperol Top. Basically orange, mint, ice and Aperol with tonic! Wonderful thing and no need to fuss with ‘Secco! 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Not talking Wonder 2

If you are reading me or know me then you might know that Eggy boy isn’t talking yet. Here is a privious post about it.
And these are thing we feel and know about this... 
But now the ball is finally rolling and we finally got appointments and tests... and positive and yet not so positive people around. 
I just want to share this in case some one else is going through that and you tell you that you are not alone!

In December we finally saw the paediatrician who listened gave positive feed back and got us to do blood tests... and kindly chased up the speech therapy appointment. Even if the therapist said that we are “top of the waiting list” the coincidence is well ... there is no such thing... 
The blood tests were really horrid to do. I do not believe we have a medical issue, but it would be eliminated or not. But at least there will be a definite answer. Do you remember last time you had your blood taken from the vein? Did it hurt? Were you annoyed and possibly upset? Well imagine how 3 year old would feel... he cried and yelled and well tensed so much that the blood stopped flowing, so we had to do another arm... 
While the nurse was preparing the bits and bobs Egg was screaming on the floor. Then the unspeakable happened. The other nurse walked in and asked “What’s wrong with him then?”... I wanted to murder that cow. She had to right or a place to say anything apart from “poor baby”’... I do hope Karma will have her...
But the speech therapist is lovely and Egg responds well to her. We are concentrating on eye contact and taking time ... he isn’t a fan. This way we defiantly know that he is listening. But we got some more words out, not repeated necessary but more words.
Sometimes I have these little twinges of pain when I see other parents with their little ones at preschool, that they have conversations and how excited kids are telling them what they did... I know that it will be fine. It all will be fine. Just need to have faith in a little man and patience... and think positive thoughts. 

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Take that the band

Last time I was in the theatre it was for Magic poridge pot in Welsh with my boy’s preschool.
It was lovely don’t get me wrong. But I need something for me. So we got tickets to see Band with my mother in law for Christmas. 

I do enjoy going to WMC. And we didn’t know much about the musical only that there is a lot of take that music. I don’t mind that, but I wouldn’t call my self a fan. But I have favourite songs, like Back for Good and Rule the World. 
Yvonne was telling me about the tv program where they were looking for people to act in this show. I of course have no idea about it, but it must have been an enjoyable watch for people who love the band and the musicals. 
So we settled in and ... it was so lovely. I actually almost cried! Twice! 
It’s not Take That the musical it is a story for friendship thoughtout the years set to take that music. 

After that I wanted to dance and run three through the fields. Not sure where the last feeling came from! 
But a wonderful uplifting musical. 
I would highly recommend! 

Monday, 29 January 2018

Rave. Baby rave

Did you know that baby rave is a thing?
Well we have finally made it to event by Big Fish Little Fish Event
I knew what is happening, actual DJs, glitter cannons, bar, balloons, sensory madness and costumes. 
What I didn’t know is how my kid will react to this...  

This is us playing with silk parachute thingy to Jacksons 5!

 And here is Egg with some modelling balloons. 

It was odd. He straight away decided it was fun. And he shall expore, that involved me running after him with his shoes in my hands. Coz you know he was in. 
I really need to work on teaching him not to take his shoes off in public places. I think it might be difficult since he has been doing this for a while.
The balloons, the bubbles, other kids, glitter cannons and especially the parachute thing was his favourite. We danced under it, help to wiggle it. They do this in school so he knew what and how. And at some point while still on my shoulders he started enjoying himself so that his little body was going up and down while holding my hands. I will feel it tomorrow. 
But then he wanted to snatch other people’s balloons and insisted to running into gents toilet. It all got a bit too much, I had to take him home.
So some people gave me funny looks as I was I carrying shoes and a screaming shoeless child on my shoulders... 
and then I had to stick him in the shower he did enjoy a good roll on the floor and he smelled my my shoes were after a shift in a club. 

I will totally take him again. But I will bring hubby with for when he would want to explore the men’s loo. And the only complaint I have is that some one could have mopped the loos. I mean kids! 

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Number 5

This is finally happened. I convinced I think the hubby to get a cat. 
And husband being husband really wanted a kitten because he is really worried about he cat not loving him so he will try to convince a kitten to love him.  

Meet Buffy the small rodent slayer! 

I don’t know of her mouse catching abilities but how cool is her name. 
She is about 16 weeks old, super active and loving. But poor thing had a rough start. Her brother and Buffy were rescued from some house in the valleys both in a bad state and their mama was only 6 months old. This is very very irresponsible pet owners. 
And it looks like her little tail been broken in few places when she was little. It is still funky but doesn’t affect her in any way. 
She is playful cat and insists on sleeping in our bed. And she is ok with Egg carrying her around. That’s also good for him to learn to care about others. 
However... this happened while Buffy was sleeping on the sofa.

This is Edgar wearing the cat bed as a hat! 

But we are super happy to have her with us.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Music plays a big role in most people’s life. Somehow is always there on the background... it helps me run, cheers me up and sometimes is a good crying accompaniment. 
I can’t play an instrument, but I would love to have a go at drums. I can’t really sing but it really doesn’t stop me. 
Day before yesterday hubby passed me his phone with a sky news head life that Dolores O’Riordan passed away ages 46.

Unexpectedly tears came to my eyes... 
Cranberries were there when I was forming as a person. They were there when I was going home from birthday parties being sad that I am not one of the cool kids... Dolores was singing when I moved to Switzerland.
And suddenly I realised this was over decade ago and I am not a teen anymore and duffle I bit of my younger self gone away... 
But music is forever. Despite shortcomings of Pitch Perfect 3 I was super happy to hear Zombie... 

Last weekend

So last weekend was not only special that I went out on Friday night but also that we had Egg at grandparents so we were free to do why we w...