Friday, 2 October 2015


So I am Russian. I will be getting British passport next year so I had to get a visa to go on holidays with family to Portugal this weekend. 
It's proven to be very difficult. Hard to find the website, then it was all in Portuguese. So took me absolute forever but the appointment I could get was this Tuesday when we fly on Saturday.... I really didn't think I would be making this holidays....

However.... The lady who I had interview with was very helpful and I had my passport with new shiny visa just few hours later. 
To be honest all the staff in Consilate General were very helpful. Even if you had to wait for a bit but everyone were leaving very happy. 
And I also had an interesting day out. I had an protein juice thing from this place... As we know juicing is in right now.

Then I wondered around the shops. Couldn't really go very far.... So Antropologie fun, I just want to live in that shop. Or buy everything! So many wonderful things they have. 

Then wondered in Carnaby street. 

Check out these awesome light-bulb as decorations! 
Mama also had some sushi from Itsu and Wasabi... Wonder why there isn't either of these in Cardiff. We have lots of burger places why not sushi chains too?
But the bus journey proved all too much for me, was so totally exhausted after....
But holidays here we come!!! 

Thursday, 1 October 2015


You might already know that I love the monthly subscription boxes. However I have cancelled my much loved Little Box. It was sad but had to be done, my drawers are full of stuff I don't have time to use. Or even energy. Being a Mombie (it's a real thing!) last thing I want to deal with make up and such.
But husband pointed out these little things make me happy so I though I give something else a go... And here we are 
Fun idea, box of goodies for your little one depending on how old they are getting and such. It's nice. They also offer great introductory discounts, check out their Twitter and Facebook pages. But I think I found it is a bit strange like some one else picking up stuff for your preciouse little one and it is a bit too much money for my liking. 
Don't get me wrong they send great stuff, but I needed up with more stacking cups... But grown up cup will be super useful and I always use the bowls from Munchkin. The cutlery set solved my future dilemma and Egg totally loves his new bath toys... And this fun guy 

But the feeling of something arriving gone away after £30 monthly and that weird feeling of some one butting in your child's toy buying... 
So i have been trying to cancel the account. And that's when I got really unhappy. 
It took me few attempts to get b touch with some one, there was no option on the website. And then they have emailed me that we are still getting the next box due to their cancellation policy. I didn't even think twice about that since Birchbox and My Little Box were so easy to start and cancel. I guess I should have looked into that in more details. Silly me but I am not impressed. We were meant to get like a gadget box or a mainly box of some sort for a change. 
Over all good idea but ... Strange and too much cash. Give it a try but beware of the cancellation policy. 

Monday, 28 September 2015

motivation and career....

So what do you do? Do you love what you do? Does this fulfil you? .... I had a choice, stick with same girls I went to school with and be in the mainly females and study languages (at that point I truly had enough!) or go away to Switzerland to do degree in hospitality. Guess which one I chose...

I was never encouraged to do things I wanted, nurtured... It is not the Russian way... I was to provide for my self as fast as I can and I did I loved my 1st placement for most of the time. I loved ladies I worked with, the customers. And they loved me back. But it was not to last. The hospitality industry is not an industry in UK. Even if you think about how much money is involved in it... Like entire Britain depends on it. Weatherspoons.... Wagamama... and many more.... But our waiters are students, people who don't care mainly.... but there are some that do and we need to appreciate a good service. I have been talking about this for a while now, some waiters are professionals so are the barmen, chefs and even hosts.... 

Appreciate the people who are serving you... Say thank you, smile... Or even give them bit of coin. Imagine that! 
At this very moment I am trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.... Something I should have known ages ago. 
I do truly admire people who know what they want to be and what they are. One of my girl friends is a born teacher, so she is teaches now. Another always had hard time in school with all the silly things they make us do but she always wanted to be a nurse. She had a long way but she is one now, well on maternity, but she's a nurse. 
I on the other hand am a mother.... and what else?... 
I could never pick one. I wanted to be an interpretor in the kinder garden, then it was anything arty. But that is not much profit in that. So that never happened. And then I just drifted into hospitality... My personality suits it, until I have enough. And I had enough.... 
or am I just blabbering? 
I need to set a goal and go for it. It is just hard and scary.... getting into unknown....
Wish me luck 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hard Work

Before I have said that mumming is super awesome but super hard work. Keeping the little man entertained ... But there are some things are here to help. Check these out! 

These bath light were given to me last Christmas and I totally forgot about them. Until few days ago. Egg loves looking at them playing with them. He gets these out puts them on the edge of the bath and watches them change colour. And this way he actually sits in the bath! Our health visitor said that it's a great sensory play! 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Cardiff 10k

One of many things I was looking forward when we were moving back to Cardiff is the tons of races I could do. So back in January I have singed us both for Cardiff 10K that usually takes place around the 1st weekend of September. Yes I am that mad! 
Baby was looked after by Owen who was also the watering station for Steve. Never seen anyone drink that much while running the man is like a .... well camel when they do store water in their humps, it is like there will be no liquid ever again.... Funny. But I guess we are different.

This was my 3rd Cardiff 10K. 1st one I felt like I am going to die and 2nd one was good. Well this one was just great. However there was a lot of people running... Like a million! and the finishing like surface was... well so freaking lumpy it was hurting my feet. But over all I had a great race day!

We both were really pleased about extra special medals they made for 30th anniversary of the race. So cool! Edgar really liked these. Was running around with them... almost hitting him self in the head with, that it why he was releaved of these wonderful shiny objects. 

So as I said my race was good... finished in respectable 1hour and 46 seconds. Hubby however swore at the finish and did not have a good race. Well he was annoyed at the road, the route and the heat. 

And then I did another race the weekend after that... Stay tuned! 


Things we found in Asda.... 
And these are pretty rad! ... Yes I have just said rad... I also cannot believe it....
And for a very reasonable price.... 

 See why I've used rad?! 
Everything I want... But also the much bigger place that we have in mind. ... 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Fail fail fail!

So we had a pretty standard morning.... But it all ended up with a quick trip to emergency. 
Some one face planted into the shelf... And will now possibly have a small scar.... Thanks goodness he didn't need stitches and was a real trooper until the nurse was popping the glue and paper stitches on. 
However that made me feel terrible. Am I a bad mother? 
I really don't think I am. I m doing a good job, just need to be remind of it. 
But babies learn explore and do fall, bump and faceplant.... It is all part of growing up! 
But the guilt! The people would say that I m terrible mother... Why are we being judged?! ... 
That' s all for today. I shall go now and keep feeling guilty!