Sunday, 26 July 2015


So the best way to celebrate your forth wedding anniversary is to do a 10K race, go to the cinema and go to 5 guys for a burger... Well you know all about the race  now I would like to tell about my second favourite instalment of Marvel Universe. 
In case you are wondering the Guardians of the Galaxy is my favourite Marvel film! And I have seen it like 100 times! 
So we after leaving the little man with Gramy we headed out to see Ant Man. All I knew is that Edgar Wright refused to direct it due to issues with Marvel but still did the story and such.. Oh and of course that Ant Man super power is to get really small.

Well I got to say it was really cool and so much fun!
We get to see the back story the new story. We got to see the no offence to anyone less important Avenger and we saw Agent Carter. Speaking of a lovely lovely Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)
she has her own show Agent Carter. It's awesome, she's such a badass!! Big fan right now. Oh and if anyone can tell me when it is on TV because I have been checking the sky app everyday!
So action packed, fun and very engaging. I thought Paul Rudd as a super hero is excellent! That man just gets better and better with age

Basically if only I had time I would be seeing this again and again... But I don't really so waiting for DVD or even Blue Ray. We re thinking to collection for our little man of awesome geeky films.
Oh and why I like this film... it is link to all the Avenger, Infinity Stone blah blah thing, but stands on the outside of all the Avengers, Iron man and other usual suspects. Just like Guardians.  

Thursday, 23 July 2015


Edgar walks!!

Lock up your daughters he is coming for them!.... I can just watch him all day long like this. Is this what motherhood feels like? 

Race for life 2015

So the best way to get into it is to run a 10K ... It can be anything, life, sports in my case it is life after long holiday. 
This time it was different... I didn't feel pumped days before. I guess I was just preoccupied with Edgar's sleeping patterns that are by the way are all over the place.

When I have opened my race pack I was totally in love with temporary tattoos. They are so cute and almost everyone had some if not all of them on! Yes we are the wild bunch!

The race for life is always ever so popular... So many lovely ladies in pink and with determined look on their face turn out. Apparently it was about 3 thousands of us on the day.... They did it for both 5 and 10K hens the turn out. Well the 5k normally more popular one, I was gutted to see the amount of people for the 5K v 10K. 

Well race for life is not about the result... it is about the turn out, awareness and girl power. You can run it, jog it or walk it. It is good fun! This race is special for me because it is with race for life I have started running and my love for fitness and all things sport... 

The medals were extra cute this year, they are like army dog tags... you know Pink Army! However, and if hubby is reading he will be peed off with me for mentioning it.... If the events are to be together again I will be doing 5K, so I won't have to make the hard way throw the walkers of the 5K.... But it is not about the race it self it is about charity and turn out! 
And I think and truly believe I have completed the 10K in 59 minutes! 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

So we have been on vaccay!

I think it has been about two years since I have been home in Chelyabinsk. Oh that's would be south of Ural mountains in Russia. I missed my family dearly.... I was looking forward to this and was anxious about this break too. But it was wonderful after all!
Firstly the travel with 10 month old is tricky. But he charmed everyone and been entertain by the entire plane on the way from London. We also discovered that paper cups make excellent tethers! Yes, who would have thought!
Weather was excellent, hot for me and Edgar and cool for our daddy. He and Gramy arrived 3 weeks after for one week. 
We spend a lot of time with family and friends and Edgar has been centre of attention! And very spoilt... 
I actually got to hang out with my cousin,  we left babies with grandparents and run away for a day! 

It was nice, we be been to the cinema (doubt films are something else) but I did enjoy my self. Who knew that it is ok to have beer in the cinema at quarter to midday....
I also tired out the Crossfit. That would be my very old friend's new thing so I have tagged along. It was fun and so nice to spend time with Misha and to see what a wonderful young man he has become. 
I am now looking for a crossfit place here in Cardiff....

 Edgar have played with his cousins too. See how excited he got being around other kids made me realise that not only mother need other mothers but also kiddies need other kiddies. 
 All and all we had great time. It is shame that with all the driving from the village where my parents live now to town was so hard and we didn't get to see some of our other friends.... But sure thing we will come to see them next time we are around.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Babushka time!

First of all let me make it clear... these are not babushka dolls...

  Traditional Russian nesting dolls called Matreshka. 
Babushka however is grand mother... or Kate Bush's song... you know this one

Now that is clear I can tell you that Edgar's Babushka, my mother, is here in Cardiff. 
And it has been wonderful. Egg giggles at her and I get to sleep in the mornings. 
She is actually here with the mission to take us to Russia for holidays... Imagine travel on the plan with almost 10 month old active little boy... Yes I cannot either.
But then I also worry about the time there. Would little one have a jet lag how does this work in small babies? What if my parented will drive me absolutely mad? What if my friends don't want to hang out. That is not that I have many friends left. It is all very worrying.... But cannot chicken out of this now. We are off to Russia on Friday.
And dearies in home town, I do not know yet how busy we will be but do get in touch if you wanna meet up, I shall make time for you!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

I have a confession to make...

well actually few of these...

I love love the property programs and am a fan of Kirstie Allsopp.

 Think she is so awesome! She is very inspiring, didn't she made entire nation craft in last few years? But also she is funny, intelligent  and feminist.

I also love George... You know the restoration man George. We once watched tons of his other programme. Think about 4 or 5 hours....mad!

Then I adore vintage shopping... I don't like the mass produce things, but I cannot afford anything else really so looking for one of the kind vintage pieces are the solution. If I could live in Beyond Retro in London I so would!

Besides vintage shoes fit my very small feet better! 

And my other confession is that I am a moonie. Apparently it is a thing. That's what you would call Sailor Moon fans.

I have been one for years really.... Since I have been little. Now we are re watching it with my little man, well he actually doesn't care much.

My other vices are love for races, purely for medals and buzz it gives me. Detective shows, a new favourite is Miss Fisher's Mysteries 

Oh is there no female leads ... At all?

Marvel is owned by Disney. In case you didn't know. So these awesome fun action films have big budgets and you know they will be a blockbuster! Well most of the time. 
But what about that dad who took his little girl to get a Gamora action figure after they seen Guardians of the Galaxy to Disney store... And found none. 
And now just out of the interest I went to have a look on what about the Age of Ulton... I loved Scarlet Witch and loved how they let more light in on Black Widow's past... I found this...

And this ....

The camp looking litre figurine is Mr Marvel.... What!? 
It is like there were no female leads what's so ever! How is this possible!! I filed utterly discussed! Sure there are lots of princess outfits but what about girls who kick arse?! 

I am very happy to see the development in the princess' characters they don't just clean sing and wait! They shoot for their own hand, run away and work hard to make their dreams come true... 
What message does this send to little girls? Sure dear, you're ok to wear a pretty dress but to wear trousers and maybe learn martial arts is a no no?! 

What's up Disney?! 

P.S. If you do want to get figurines of kick ass girls Amazon has some.