Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cumberbacth in 4DX

My dearest hubby came home one day last week and said... "go to the cinema or something" So I went to see Doctor Strange.

I thought I was in for regular 3D but I was in for a surprise of a 4D showing... Totally forgot that the Cardiff Cineworld was getting it installed when we went on holiday. 

Film was good, entertaining and introduced the characters and the special powers. I had few giggles and really felt for Dr Strange. If you like your Marvel films you will like this one. Oh and one of the Easter eggs are so funny with sexy Thor in it. It's like a major men-candy of Easter eggs.
But I want to tell you about the 4DX thing... Would this be breaking code of conduct as set by Kermode and Mayo? Well I thought it was fun but I think I would avoid this experience, just object to pay for this, even with my unlimited card. Yes I am this tight with money. 
The chairs were moving with the screen, the air pumping into the ears and the chair also mimics the fight. Now that was a fun feeling, kind of like a massage. Or a bad massage. However I am not sure if on taller person it would be feeling the same? But I did turn the water off. It is too cold for this. And I wasn't fussed on the cinema's option of incenses sticks burning. 
With all of this shaking about and stuff I didn't feel distracted from the film. But I also do not think it was enriching the experience. Just something different to the cinema trip I guess. 

Loot Crate. Box Subscribtion

I am married to a geek. And it is contagious. Also it is awesome!
We watch Star Trek (not just the new shiny films with Chris Pine)


(coz she is the best)

Flash and many other amazing things. So it was only natural that we got the Loot Crate. Actually we got two of them due to confusion with actual subscription thing.
Mainly of course I got Loot Crate for hubby dearest... and he hated it. Well I guess hate is a strong word. He didn't like it. The theme was Speed. So now we have Cylone ship.... which no one in our household cares about, an Arrow car ornament  (I thought the idea was fun, but it is Arrow) the only things that got appreciated in out household was the bat-mobile key ring and the little replica of car Eleanor from gone in 60 seconds... by the little man.

Personally I still think it is a great concept but there is so much of Geekery out where, if I would pay more attention and the website wasn't too confusing ... we would have had a Marvel Box or The WWE one. 
So as I said the website was confusing so imagine my surprise when our account been debited for another loot crate. Had to run to their website and cancel the damn thing, and then just like Birchbox misleading: highlighting the pause button. God bless the marketing people for this feature, but good god this is annoying. It took me good few minutes to find the cancellation button.
Stephen didn't like the Halloween crate either. His brother had a great Tee out of it... I guess Steve just ins't a horror kind of guy. Although the Fred Krueger chop sticks are pretty cool!

Once again, I don't really know what to think. It is ok and good fun. Look out for some discount codes, like on podcasts (pretty sure No Such Thing As The Fish did a code), and pay attention to cancellation policy. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Buddy Box

As you know I love a subscription box. It's like a present or a unexpected surprise every month, even if I know it is coming you never know what would be in it or when it will actually make an appearance.
I was very sad to cancel the My Little Box, it is truly great, but I have bits of cosmetics and little other delights coming out of my ears, so we thought we try some stuff out... 
First of my list, just for me, was a "hug in the box" Buddy box

It is a very nice concept. Little things to make you happy and fuzzy inside and promote mindfulness. 

(oh I totally love this "rooting for you" pin, it's on my winter coat)

And you know in a way it made me very happy and fuzzy inside. I do not have a depression but I have the down days ... that I can't really express since I have a tiny human depending on me so I carry on no matter how much I just want to stay in bed. 
After getting this box in September I started drinking more tea... I think it is due to a little nudge I got from them. However I am not a fan of tea in the little bags... Like my tea loose. Soap was nice too. Shame it was unscented. But I can see the reasons behind this. And I did get really excited about the plant kit... But I am yet to plant it.
So I would recommend to get it if you are into this kind of thing. They actually doing a lite version too which is cheaper and has only 3 products in it and they make it easy just to order one. Just one. And super easy to order it for a friend. 
But they couldn't fit the September box into the box. Funny that. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Palmer's Firming Butter. What I thought

I loved the smell and well actually everything about Palmer's anti stretchmarks cream.The texture was rich, smell was great, texture was pleasant. And I don;t really have any stretch marks, just a big c-section scar.... 
So I thought at the really competitive price I'll try this. 

Same gorgeous smell and texture... But I didn't notice any change to my skin. Same soft and wobbly in certain areas... It took long to dry and absorb, this requires time I do not have I have an active toddler to chase after. 
And one more thing, since this butter is super thick the pump didn't get all the product out and that my friends was a real downer. No matter how hard I tapped and shook the bottle, I wasted good amount of it. Maybe if it didn't have this pump.... 

Saturday, 12 November 2016


I am a feminist. Always wanted better representation for women for as long as I can remember. Especially growing up in Russia. 
Don't get the wrong it is a nice country to be in, but it is very traditional in its gender roles. Men who stay at home now are being laughed at and considered to be under the thumb. Men also can chose to stay at home. 
At the moment I am a stay at home mum and this is no way makes me less of the feminist. We together made this choice. Besides my work stayed in Birmingham in the middle of UK and we ourselves moved back to South Wales. 

(he is the best but I do need contact with grownups... This is an old photo)

Growing up in the country where women are all thin with long hair and wear heels all the time when I love comfort of flats. No I love beautiful shoes with heels I just walk a lot and these things don't mix for me. Shoes should be good quality and nice and comfy. Last two are together. Hey I don't really fit in into Russian woman model. I am a little rebel in flip flops (these are only for the pool or indoor use here in motherland) who what's better representation for women in Russia. 
I get that they pay gap and sexism is everywhere and we should strive to dismantle patriarchy (I am a feminist but this phrase make me giggle) in Russia I see it on the whole different level! Like way up high and way too stupid to ignore. Yet women are ok with advert for menopausal tables where crazy looking cartoon for a very young woman is given pills by her hubby and then as if by magic she turns into a pretty collected version of herself. I say what a fuck?! How is this ok?! 
Or that advert with stripper like air hostesses I blogged about last time I have visited. How is this ok? Why is no one kicks of? 
Are there feminist in Russia? Or are they busy providing for them selves and building lives for their kids? Is there hope? 

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Now only my hair doesn't hurt

In 2013 I completed my 1st ever hard obstical race, Survival of the Fittest. I had a blast. 
And then this Sunday I did it again. With my friend Nora who in 2013 fell down next to me at the race and broke her leg. It was super hard for her to do this, mentally mainly. 
But we did it together. We supported each other when it was needed mostly. She couldn't quiet get over one climby thingy I talked her throw it and when I was about to lie down on the floor and have a cry since 10k run turned out to be 12k run, she cheered me on and made me run. 

I had a cold all week long prior to run. This is never good actually, anyone who ever run or did something physical. Last time I run after the cold it was when I wingged my way throw Birmingham half.
The height of the stacks of bale scared me too. But I did them purely on will power, I can't jump high.  

I enjoyed the event. Mainly because I had Nora with me to cheer me on and such. When I hit the about to lay down and cry with exhaustion after discovering the 12k mark... and that I didn't eat nearly enough. She cheered me on and push me on. I shall not say how quickly I rammaged throw the goodie bag in search of food and how quickly that Track bar saw its end... 

(here is big guy loving my headband)

The event seemed more commercial since I did it. The Renault cars on the final obstical, when in 2013 the final thing was the wall and a small pool and it was epic... Some of the obsticals seemed odd and poor for such organisation as Men's Health. I mean I love the big slide (well I didn't) or space hoppers that have been deflated by the previous waves of runners... And the runner village seemed to clean and tidy. It didn't feel right. I loved having a pint in wet trainers and this time I didn't even spotted the bar tent till we left. When we got to the boldering like walls and I have asked the chap who was minding it whether all the sides were good to go, after he said yes, trust me to get on to the one that was broken. And he has a maintenance guy right after me. Was it because I am a woman he didn't bother to tell me that? 
And goodie bad was bad. Like really bad. 4 things. Dove deodorant, shampoo, track bar, bag of popcorn and of course a magazine. And dudes are charging £55 for early bird entry. I know it is pricey to organize and such but some on. 
Well I guess the negatives just popped out here. But I guess things change and they relay of volunteers... I just wish standards didn't change. 
All that said I will be doing it next year. It is still mainly super challenging. And I really want to do that jump I didn't do... 
So I want to wish that few of these pointers can be addressed. 

However real heroes of the day are the people who cheered and watched and helped! From me big love goes to Rhian who took these photos and stayed all the 2.13 that I run and my mother in law dearest and Lau who were on Egg watch that day! 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Job hunting. Stepping away from hospitality

As you know I have been looking for a job... I had few phone interviews and few in person. One of them actually went really well but the shifts patterns isn't fitting in with child care. And is what the trouble is.
Child care is also expensive and I pretty much will be working for nursery but that's ok. Edgar will have more of social life with other kids and it would be nice for me to get out of the house and actually speak to grown ups. Even if I am totally shitting myself about how Egg will cope, how I would cope. I am most definitely not doing it for money I am doing it for sanity.
Also I have only worked in hospitality industry and not many people seem to get that hotel reception is like super extensive admin experience and managing... like of everything. Every employers but the employment agencies. Well they are either in for the money or actually know their stuff...

I actually spoke to one of my mates who is a manager in a busy coffee shop saying how work requirement, flexible working hours and weekends seem to eliminate all of the stay at home parents. And he finds this really unfair! I'm glad working force also thinks that too. 
But for now I just stay annoyed sleep-deprived mama. We all have been rather poorly this past week and think that might be a reason why the little man wakes up when it is still night... 
However did you hear about Flex Appeal? It's this wonderful flash mob - campaign to urge the employers to be more flexible with 9-5 Monday to Friday! They did the cutest dance demonstration I guess in London few weeks back. And in this post Mother Pukka explains pro of this system. 
I suppose I can do the agency work. This will give me flexibility with work I need but nursery aren't as flexible either. I love our nursery but they have only limited spaces  and once I commit to days selected it they aren't to flexible to change and agency aren't a steady work. So what is this? Catch 22 all over again? I really hope I would find something soon... Ish.