Sunday, 29 May 2016

Surprisingly good

So I did it! I run my 1st 10k this year and as you know from the privious post I was scared. 
My little love, child that hates sleep,got up super early. This was not helpful! So I had way too much coffee and got a stitch. Now this is something I haven't had since my very 1st run back in 2010. 
The weather was glorious but not good if you are running and trying to do the same time as you did last year, I was busy chasing the 60min pacer. 
And on the start I was really worried about my legs. These things didn't want to work well really. Had this pain I have during the warm up. Not something to out you in a good mood for a race. 

Then also this chappy started crying as I walked away to join the awesome ladies who run this yesterday. Like tears and that he is never going to see his mama again... Silly boy! 
But as I was walking to the start I saw Ruth, from the Running club, who was super pumped and cheered me well up! 
So I run! And I run! And splashes my self with water. And it was hot. I finally caught up with the pacer and stupidly I over took her. Why oh why oh why! 
Oh but never mind I did it and actually shaved off 5 seconds of my time:) so yay me. 
I also got some massive blisters big well done from Ruth there might have been a hug too, but I was too hot to remember! 
I also have some funny tan marks. But nevermind I did it! 
There was a truly different ladies running it and no matter of the result we all did amazing! We most definitely Can! 
Also want to mention how great the support was. People cheering their friends and other unknown to them runners. There was a bunch of kiddies with little banner to cheer the ladies who run. 

 Oh and tees this year are great. I think my last year one either shrunk in the wash or actually is too short. I don't like my giggly bits showing when I run. 

My mother in law got really happy hearing my name called out as I crosses the finish line:) she's slowly getting into the spirit of it. Who knows I might even get her to volonteer at one event! And then we went out for a well deserved lunch! 

Friday, 27 May 2016

No job offers but...

So job search is ... well get it all out of me. And so far nothing suitable. It's ok when you can work any day coz someone else can actually cover. But Stephen is a chef, unstable hours all week long so I either need a 9-5 Monday to Friday or a part-time work during the week. And I tell you what some people do not understand part-time when they are advertising... muppets! 
Oh but this isn't what I wanted to talk about. 
We have decided by persuasion of entire family me and Edgar are flying to Russia! Yay! Holidays!
It was a bit touch and go on the child's visa but the awesome man dropped it off today and we are flying Tuesday. 

I hate the whole visa thing, trip to London, expensive train fare, dealing with grouchy people in visa centre. I supposed Russian's are made jump throw all sort of hoops to stay in the country I see why it is fair in the way... but it should not be so complicated. 
Anyway visa is here we are busy packing and happy to go to visit my parents and Russia. Where it is much warmer. 

Here is Edgar ... Helping... not!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The sun is awake

I love summer. Sunshine, long days, warmth.... 
But when your child gets the attitude of r the sun is awake so I am awake. It is a killer. Why child why?
Couple of days ago he got up really early and didn't want to go back to sleep. So I bundled him up and we went to sleep in the spare room. We slept till 7.30 and it was the whole hour longer to usual wake up time. 
But he was snoozing next to me. This isn't something we want to do again. Yesterday he got up and grouched. And grouched. So I did the same. I am weak! And my little munchkin has a cold and therefore a bit poorly. 

Yes I know I am trying to justify breaking the routine.... Bad parent good mama!
I think we need to get different curtains and duvet for him. Hey won't hurt right? 
Today we are up since 5.30am... I am back in being a Mombie! 

Pain vs PB

I am super lazy. Well after chasing after the little man and trying to keep him busy all I want to do is to chill... but this means I let my self relax and somethings change.

Few days ago I went for a run... I have a 10K coming up and I realise that my fitness isn't great at the moment but I still want to do it as good as I did it last year.
Oh women's running magazine you make a very good race! I spent all last year race day chasing my aim time pacer and for a good reason I did women's running series in 1hr and 47 milliseconds. It was pretty good for sleep deprived mother...
I wonder how I will do with.. the wierd leg pain.

There are few theories... 
I piled on some heavy fat. Of course my mother said that. No one says things like that unless they have birthed you. 
Or I need to work on my general fitness... 
But then there is one more by my loving husband... Well he said that I am old. 

Well today is the day. I am excited and look forward to it. But the offspring got up before 5am... 
Wish me luck today I actually need it!! 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Whiskey Tango Tina Fey

So I have left the boys few days ago and run away to see if the trailer of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was true.. It just looked so good. 
And it was!
I would highly recommend it. It is rather marvellous. The film is about the journalists in Kabul in the beginning to mid naughties. What they did and how they did it... It was very interesting, engaging and super funny. The lady across the aisle from me was laughing even louder than me. 

Big koodos to Alfred Molina he was so evil... and so funny! 
It made me think about a lot of things. Kym, Tina Fey's character, is very concerned about women's right. 

How Taliban was, and is, oppressing women. How women are there to make home and bare children. How the same people years later shot an innocent girl into a head just because she wanted to study. In the final scene with the fixer/translator was I was almost sure he would say that his baby daughter's name is Malala. 

This is the next film I would love to see. Malala is an amazing young woman, and I would love to know more about her.
This also made me think of what could have been... what if I would actually chose the real fun job instead of doing what I did. I don't regret it, well not a lot. But imagine what could have been... 
But anyway, I am rambling, this cleaver titled film is super good. Do watch it. You will enjoy it... 
Or don't the choice is yours. 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

It is time to..

To rejoin the real world. Where people work. And where I won't be feeling like I am just a poop cleaner and such... 

I am looking for a job. And it is hard. Well I haven't been too active but at least I apply for about 5 jobs a week or so. So far I got one awesome call that I've been head-hunted, which never happened to me before... but the job was in Birmingham. Chap found me before I updated my details... 

I think I don't look for something unrealistic. I just was an admin or reception work in the office environment with 9-5 or similar work hours. But I do think the issue I have is that I have been only working in hospitality and some people don't seem to realise that this is also administrative work. 

But hey, keep fingers crossed for me, coz this mama is going a bit mental just being a mama.
There is one thing however that scares me a bit... Will I be ok not spending all my time with my little guy. Scary. Especially since I didn't know what to do with my self when daddy and Edgar stayed at grandparents for a day.... 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Getting the use of my unlimited card...

It is hard to find time to do anything, cinema is one of my favourite thing to do. But now I actually have a new cinema buddy, in a way... my mother in law!
We went to see Dad's army a while back and this Monday we went to see Eddie the Eagle. Dad's army was good, but Eddie the Eagle was better. 

It was very uplifting, and that the victory isn't everything. Coming from Russia, it is relatively new notion to me! Basically it was great I really enjoyed it. Even with all the dirty jokes... that my mother in law took it on board and have been repeating the joke to me for two days! I left the cinema feeling rather happy!
I also been to see Kung Fu Panda 3 and truly enjoyed it. 

Almost cried like a big cry baby that I am. Actually that was also the day the boys stayed up at with my in laws. Now that was strange. I haven't been by my self, truly by my self, in well over 2 years (I wasn't alone, when I was pregnant either). it was rather sweet and with lots of Pandas. 
I truly got my money worth this month by going 3 times to the cinema. We saw the Huntsman.

 It was good, enjoyed strong female leads. What I didn't like is a dodgy accent, don't even remember there was one in the Snow White and Huntsman. Hey who won't enjoy the hunky Hemsworth do his thing and being all heroic. Oh and funny people helped a lot! But the main plot twist was in the trailer. WHO DOES THAT?! I tend to avoid trailers for this reason... But I do like these. And this sucked a lot!