Monday, 14 April 2014

Few fun things I saw and took pics off

Exterior wall art... 

Hearts are everywhere... Just like Drew Berrymore's book

Festive? No?

Awesome retro looking mosaic in the pool I go to

HOW CUTE IS THAT!! Want that jacket!!

This just made me laugh.... Also I really don't get the British Tea with Milk thing. What is wrong with you people?!

Totoro with NoFace mask. Need I say more?

Otter figureine. Didn't get it, coz it is not quiet there.... But it is very very cute

And for the 1st time ever I actually won in lottery. Not a million but better than nothing I guess. And I won £2.10 today too:) #winning

Spring is in full bloom! Check out these colours.... 

In other news we are on the move. Nothing major, no city change. It is actually nice just to move to the new house, so we are covered in boxes, packing tape... 
It is actually bit tricky to do with the bump attached. But he is being a good sport and doesn't make me hurt much.

Friday, 4 April 2014

worries....bit of a personal note.

My hubby is amazing, he is like super supportive even if he s calling me things... I know he means it with love.

I am freaking out.... 

I really not in control of my body, this upsets me great deal. My joints clicking, my hips are hurting... and many other unpleasant things pregnancy related, sore and bigger boobies are just the start. I do not think I will be able to run the half marathon this year... Sad face. 

I'm super worried about the birth it self..... (do not think I need to elaborate on this)

My emotions are running high and crazy.... doesn't help that I cannot unwind and slightly overworked. Well I guess I need to find the way how to, that doesn't involve me running fast on tread mill listening to shouty and loud music... Shopping is not that same either. It's just stress, all I see if the things I cannot wear, so no cardio a la Carrie Bradshaw. 

Stephen said to me that he feels more maternal than I am... Well I did not expect to be pregnant so fast, I did not expect to react to this like that.... Well I guess you never know until it actually happens.

But do not get me wrong, I am super excited to have my baby boy. Teach him things. Watch him grow. Go roller skating with him. See if he can draw like me and cook like his father. ... I guess I'm just really really scared. And I really want to meet this baby already, he been kicking a treat lately. Soon even Steve will be able to feel him move. 

Apart from emotional craziness and bit of physical pain and exhaustion, the pregnancy is going good...  

Any advice anyone? 

Well in the end I guess I just need to deal with it.. with less craziness. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

so more changes...

We actually been to Wales to enjoy the local food, drink and company of bunch of our old Welsh and not so Welsh friends!

The simple reason was the lovely lovely Sarah Smith 

There she is trying to climb the bale with one good arm! Silly girl:)

Sarah is off on the big adventure, she just moved and started new job in Singapore! 
We all will and aready miss her, but it is all for the better, besides now we have place to crush when in Asia!

It is always going to get messy when one is out and about on St Paddy's day. We all had a hat...

And some hat two, Jessica!!
Karaoke, music, lots and lots of soda water for me.... Oh fun was had by all. More by me looking at all the hangover faces. It has been very strange to sing karaoke (or trying to avoid it) when sober.

We left the gang coz the bump got tired and really needed a sleep....

But as far as I know dancing had continued into the wee hours of the morning, fallowing by two epic falls one in the club one in our hotel room. Hubby never seemed so confused!! 

We will be visiting you soon, Sarah! Best of luck and lots of love xxx

Monday, 3 March 2014

Gold Rush

Oh award season.... Exciting for some, nerve racking for nominees, but some just do not care! Like my hubby.

As I predicted 12 years of slave won the best film, no surprises there... Shame for Leo DiCaprio but super amazing for MacConaughey, who finally is an actor the he can be with top on and not in a rom com!

But I am in for beautiful outfits as usual!

Think these ones are definitely my favourite ones!

Jennifer Lawrence in red is divine

Stunning dress as usual for Lupita Nyong'o

Olga Kurylenko looks like a peach in this cut out number

Amy Adams' tiny frame looks like a killer body in navy

And beautiful beautiful Sandra with old Hollywood glamour hair and the train... Love love love.
These are also my favourite girls!

Another cool things and people at Oscars are....

Bill Murray and his awesome bow tie

I actually saw him recently in Monument Men, great film by the way. 

And the baby bumps all dressed up!

I know already how frustrating it gets, when nothing fits and you seem to look like a sack of potatoes in no matter what, but these ladies looks effortlessly cool! 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Spring is in the air!

Dont you just wish that everyday was a day off... and a sunny day off. Wish also that our boiler worked and it was warm, but hey one cannot have everything. 

Luckily we live next to parks.... Walking around and not thinking about work, stress of it all just enjoying is a truly rare occasion. Dont think I like being a grown up but what are you going to do:) 
We made friends with some dogs, I almost climbed over the wasp nest, thank you for sings wood people!
I loved outside today. 
Now we are cozy at home watching some Jonathan Creek and eating a home-made chilli with nachos. 
Jonathan Creek is amazing, watch it now if you haven't seen it! Netflix is good for it. 
And chilli was a joint effort but nachos are shop bought!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

art art art....

I have been hearing a lot about Pre-Raphaelite's in Birmingham museum, then I found out, thank you Twitter, that they also have new exhibition of Grason Perry. So I thought, I know a lot about pre-Rafs and Grason Perry but I am yet to see their art... Not as a reproduction but as a real thing. 

I loved Cardiff National Museum so I guess I have expected something similar to B'ham museum. 

I was after work, actually it was a late to early shift and then I went to museum. To say I was pooped is it not to say anything, but hey life goes on and one shall remain magical unicorn! 

I loved loved the first room you walk into... And the picture of penguins.... And impressive halls and rooms. 
With music throw my head phones I began my wonder. 

I have managed to get lost in all the endless rooms and halls. I didn't visit the all of it, think it is a project for a day off next time. But I saw who I came to see... And found more things on the way. 
I saw the Pre-Rafs... I thought their art was very touching and portraits seem to glow from the inside somehow. And ever so details. Beautiful! 
Also I have discovered a lot of painting of Welsh coast lines. Rather stunning too!!
Seen something truly srtange and wonderful... like that chair installation with strips of orange plastic coming out of it... 
Like a lot this paining...

It is for sale if you want to give it to me for my birthday this year:) 
And I finally found Grason Perry's tapestries.... 
Well... I know of Mr Perry and know how eccentric he is. I was very excited to see what his art is like. And have to say I was not disappoint! His tapestries were very moving, so real and so trippy at the same time. Yet, as the life of the heroes of this work is unravelled before you, I felt so very sad for this couple... 

Definitely worth time. Educate your self! Art is fun!

But I have also discovered that I am not a fan of Brit art. Neither I am a fan of 17th century art, or 1900s. 
I love things more obscure, like Impressionists, lots of brush strokes, whole new spectrum of colour... 

Must go see them in their natural habitat in Paris! Husband! hint hint:)

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Oh fishy fishy!

Owen came to visit. And as he always said I am better in organising fun and such in new cities. Like in Bath we had cake and went around giggling at the funny shops names, yes Knob Connection I'm thinking of you.

This time we went to Sealife Centre. Oh and it was fun...

We seen many many fish tanks full of wonderful and weird fish.
Tiny sharks, Nemo world made me want to go home and watch cartoons, seen my very favourite sting rays. I just love the way they swim, gliding like throw water. There were even some jelly fish... Now that's 
something one can watch forever.

They even have some otters!!! Three little dudes called Kiwi, Mango and Apricot. Excellent otter's names! Unfortunately when we got there after the feeding so the otters been sleeping... One of them clearly had a dream and was moving all of its paws. Such cuteness!! 

One thing for sure, the belly is here and its growing! ... Boys though this picture was so funny...

Seahorses bellies were not as big as mine:)
Next time I am not missing otters being fed!