Saturday, 14 January 2017


I have made a cheese pie today. According to my hubby it's not a pie it's more of a pasty. I told him it's a Russian cheese pie. And my award winning chef if the hubby is ok with it... it's puff pastry, mature cheddar, mozarealla, butter and egg oh and egg wash. 


As I was smelling it backing away in the oven, I was remembering my grand mother. She passed away a while ago, I actually don't remember how long we don't have her with us. But I do remember her. Her soft hangs, kind and nurturing persinalty. Gosh I could have A in maths if she was alive then, she was a maths teacher. And she taught me to saw, embroider and encouraged my crafty nature in any way. 
It is nice when you think of family members  when they passed away you just feel all warm and cozy inside. Lots of love to you all xx

M&S advent calendar review

December can be stressful and it actually was. Get everything ready, keep doing the usual things on top of festive things... so it was nice to get some little presents daily. 
There are a lot of beauty advents around. Feel like the market just almost exploded with them in 2016. But then again I might be wrong. But not all of them are for me. Nice nail polish ones are great but I don't do my nails. Or maybe I didn't like the brand, or it was the price.

I would like a Liberty advent or Diptyque but definitely no money to spend of these luxuries. 


So after seeing some reviews online I figured that Marks and Spencer's was the one for me. 
Price wasn't too bad, £35 but you will have to spend £35 so you can't get it on that offer. But hey I needed pants and also got a cute jumper. Cleaver them making you spend. 


The product variety was great, skin care, anti-aging products, hair care, nails, make up. You name it was in the calendar. Brands were fab too, I was looking to try Nuxe oil and find some Skyn somewhere well I don't need look anymore. 
Only couple of things weren't really for me, but my friend will have these. 
I truly think it was well worth the money and it made December rather nice. Would I recommended? I would say yes, especially if you are partial to beauty subscription boxes! 

P.S. I am going to make an advent for my son from this awesome box. Just need to paint the boxes and fill them obviously. Recycling and upcycling joy!

Monday, 9 January 2017

Shiny Golden Globes Fashions

This like an annual post about the pretty pretty outfits of the golden globes. It is a shame that I couldn't watch the ceremony its self but I had great fun on google search for pretty frocks. 
Yeah just the lady, since I actually relate to these. I know hot the good suit can look on the man and how it should look.... But I cannot relate... 

So here we go. 
Ethiral Emma Stone! Looks that this sweet gown... so light so lovely. I just keep imagining how it should feel to the touch. 


Oh Maisy Williams... She looks like some one let her go to the ball. Very nice bright yellow frok and tail and shiny hair. Damn, if we didn't know it is awards season we do now. 
Maybe a little too serious, I much prefer her in shorter dresses but here I think it works. 

I just loved this dress on Goldie Hawn. Timeless with a twist of this leather look. And look how good she looks? Damn I wish I could look this good when I am her age. 

Ruth Negga in this armor like dress... Oh I was lost for words when I saw this. Just amazing. 
I see why British Vogue loves her red carpet looks. 

Sofia Vergara in a shiny gold dress. Yeah I so did not bother to look up the designers. 
a while back I read an interview with her how she says that the reason that she mainly wears princess cut dresses is because they suit her figure... well this isn't something she usually wear and isn't it such a wonderful surprise? But the again I am pretty sure she is that beautiful and will look good in a bin bag. 

Cross dresser ladies... these women look so good!
Octavia Spencer, Evan Rachel Wood and Kathryn Hahn. I like how proper 1st two ladies look, just sleek but how sexy and fun is Kathryn Hahn outfit is?!

These was of course shock and horror that women have hair... damn did you know we actually hail everyone armpit hair?!
I applaude you Lola Kirke


So her instargam is amazing. I loved jetsam king around she is such a beautiful lady. And who actually care about the body hair. I admire her not carrying about stupid conventional beauty strandards of the western society. Some wrote that she is showing off her unshaved armpits, hmm I don't see any pictures of this lady with her arms behind her head exposing her underarms. Women have hair get over it! 
And have you seen the pin she has one? It says F&@k Paul Ryan. If you didn't know it it the muppet who is looking to defund planned parenthood... 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017 bring it!

Oh the new year new me... well I have failed at few things I set off to do in the beginning of 2016.  
So to revisit, I didn't get a job, I didn't get fitter... but I have started a course to retrain and move away from hospitality industry. This is a very big step into the right direction. Now just stay motivated and get in with it. 
And Edgar went to nursery. Even if it is twice a week for half a day, he still goes and has grown and became a more socialble boy. He doesn't get as upset with me if say I hold a baby or isn't as shy when we meet other kids. 

(Here is little man playing with vintage fisher price garage that his dad and uncle used to play)

As for serenity and improved quality of our life... well we are still working on it. But we do more. We will go out and do stuff together. I rediscovered my love for things handmade. So I guess I am moving into a right direction on this point. Yay! So all and all 2016 wasn't too much of the failure in new me bs aspect. 
I had to think hard about what I want to achieve this year... I don't want to be too ambitions, just stiletto for smaller aims and such so my laziness won't get too much in a way. 

So here it goes:
Run a half marathon
Take more family pictures, with three of us together
Make more things, crafting, cooking and such
Finally sort out the spare bedroom
Read more 
Be a awesomest parent I can possibly be (hopefully he will finally talk and get on the potty this year)

Surly these things are easy achievable, right?! 
Well wish me luck and let's stay motivated together! We can do it!

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Fantastics Beasts

I was super lucky to have some cinema time just before the new year. I went to see Fantastic beasts and Moana. Moana will have her very own post later but for now let me tell you about the Fantastic beasts. 
I know I was very late to see it, and managed to actually stay away from any plot spoilers too. 


There were some nice twists in it. 
I am glad this film came out now and not earlier. The special effects were truly special and the creatures were more than magical. 
I truly admire the JK Rowling mind, to imagine all these creatures how they look and act. Put the entire universe together. Magic!  
I am actually making my mother to read the Harry Potter books. 
Oh that's another thing about the Beasts, it is totally independent film and I guess the book from HP story's.  personally I actually preferred this timeline, shiny roaring twenties in NYC. Beautiful costumes, oh I loved Queenie way to talk... "Oh honey..." she says...  


and it didn't feel outdated, like some to the HP costumes, or at least how I felt about them in the books. 
It's a great reboot and rework of the series I very much look forward the next instalment of this saga. 
Would I recommend it? Well yes, honey, even if you have no idea about the Boy Who Lived and the rest of Hogwarts stuff. 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Makers will make... but not very often

I used to love making stuff. When I was in school back in Russia we all made "friendship bracelets" all the girls had them. Sometimes up to an elbow. Mainly from beads but also once I have learnt my basic macrame knots I taught all the girls around me. Oh and you wear them till they broke. Yeah not very hygienic ... eek. My hobby was indulged by parents and relatives who were giving me books, taking me to haberdashery to stock up on beads. Mind you it wasn't as well developed as now, coming across clasps, earring hooks was impossible, but we recycled old granny's stuff and reuse everything.
Thinking of it my mother might still have most of my beads and books in the flat.
I also made clothes, mainly skirts, since they were easy, I customized existing outfits. There was a talk in school to ban me from wearing certain things but that never came to be. All this cam from wanting to be unlike everyone else. I still would hate if I see some one wearing same thing as I own... But moving to UK and discovering all this accessible and super cheap fashion took its toll my creative streak... I rarely make things now. I do not even remember when was the last time I used my sewing machine or/and draw anything.
I guess now that I have a kid I have an excuse but do I actually?
So this festive period I made stuff.. Nothing too complex, just easy with mainly stuff I already had in my craft stash, and even got big guy to help.

(simple card holder with baked dry oranges bells and some pegs)

(My friend Rhian has this now, and bet she is enjoying it too)

(this has no owner yet, its a broach. If you want this get in touch!)

(but I will not give this thing away... it is a Christmas crown!)

These are really simple things that I have made but seeing that I actually have made something and it is super fun and pretty made me feel very proud and happy. It gave me sense of worth in a way.... that I am not just a stay at home mum.
I think that for next few months I will try to make more stuff don't know yet what but I will...
Oh and it also make me very calm and content, mindful if you will. And speaking of crafting for mindfulness the magazine Project Calm is marvelous. Tad on a pricey side £9.99 but truly lovely and inspiring and has projects you can make easily with minimum efforts!

Monday, 26 December 2016


The beautician I see every time I go to motherland said that my skin is awesome. Listen up people with oily skin (or whereabouts) due to its extra oils and such we have more natural occurring collagen and this means we age at slower rate. Unless you do not look after yourself.

Awesome news really. I was never a huge fan of my skin but hey, slower ageing trumps all the little pimples. Damn them.

So I figure got to love my awesome oily skin and get it proper care and attention. I have started to pay more attention to cleansing. I got me Hot Cloth Cleaning Balm from Boots very own Botanics range, which I love and use. Price was great for a tester session too.
Actually the idea of hot cleansing was put into my head by Salli Hughes who was on one of the episodes of Scummy Mummies who I adore.

Since I have been using this cleansing method, mind you only in the evenings when I put big man into a bath, I have notices couple of things:

my skin feels cleaner
my skin is clearer (yeah I have an occasional outbreak but it happens when I don't do my face)
my mind loves the routine, and 
everything in my bathroom is in better order.
I did not realise that having a new routine would have so many positive outcomes, however with this boots cleanser my hair gets dirty faster. The balm is pretty oily. And my sink needs to be cleaned more often but the gunk I see floating to the drain makes me wonder why didn't I do this before? 

I did try different balm cleaner too from my M&S Advent Calendar and it is less oily but cleanses just as well I guess it would be better textured product since it is definitely is more expensive. 
Oh you can go to my Instagram page to have a look at the awesome advent things I got  @verysmallfeet 

Now I am planning the Ikea trip to get more washcloths.