Friday, 31 October 2014

Choices. Beauty boxes

So I have a dilemma... Birchbox or My Little Box. Let me elaborate on that...

I have singed up for Birchbox a while back, when I was still waddling back and forth from work and the idea was that I would be getting a treat monthly. And so far so good. But some things I really do not want or use. Don't get me wrong- great idea and product. Really loved some of the products and actually just treated my self to some luxury Caudalie products.

And I though "oh there are other boxes too... shall I see what they are?" wish I did not do that.
Well I did some digging between the night feeds on my phone and really was not impressed with other options. Until I somehow found this French thing. It has arrived yesterday, and it made me feel very happy and special.

Pro of birchbox that if you review products and such you get points, points are money off. But then again I do not tend to buy much anyway, but it was nice to get £10 off my order... 

Loved the art in My Little Box, scarf and the broach along with products. Lovely L'Occitane hand cream, MLB own makeup remover and Hairspray... 

So Birchbox is more for beauty and makes you feel girlie. My Little Box is also very special but more of the lifestyle thing and very French in that way:) And I haven't made a decision, will be getting both in November.... and maybe December since it's my birthday. But will make a decision eventually.... 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Cinema I love you!

As you are probably already aware I am a big fan of my local Cineworld, especially that I am also an owner of their great unlimited card.

After having a baby it became a bit tricky finding time and such. I do have an amazing hubby who was looking after Edgar and I got to go to the cinema twice last week.

I went to see Lucy and Dracula Untold.

I missed the cinema, but I will have to only watch films that I really want to watch. However I am not sure what was my motivation to see Lucy. But I do not regret that one, it was short and sweet. Ms Johansson is very cool and messed up. Luc Besson can make a strange film and I love him for this.

Now with Dracula Untold I knew why I was going to see that. Mancandy! Oh I love me a sexy Welshman, hell I married one. It was...well it was ok. Interesting take on Vlad the Impaler as a caring father and husband. But really as a plot it was a bit not grabbing and bit boring, but visually it was good. 

So having a baby means I do not have free time or a time to blog, or energy for anything.... since I have started this post I also been to see What we did on our holidays. Now that was truly great film. I would definitely be getting it on DVD and making everyone watch it. It has gorgeous Scottish actors, David Tennant and Billy Connolly, brilliant child actors, they were so much fun and an amazing funeral. 

Also I have started listening to Mayo and Kermod podcast about movies, so much fun. Now I just wish Milky Boy was old enough to appreciate cartoons and go to the cinema with me.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

new thing

Nothing can prepare you for this... No matter how prepared you think you are. Hey I was supposed to have a nice water birth...

I thought I was terrible at this to start with. I couldn't calm him down, he wouldn't feed properly I was so stressed out and worried. So my baby blue kicked in. I have never been depressed in my life, down at times, but never like that. Scary. 

I am all better now. Happy, provided Sir Poops-a-Lot is not grouchy or even if he is grouchy. He is my amazing baby!

It is still very strange to refer to him as "my son" or think of my self as mum. I am trying not to over think about this too much... and the fact that somehow I feel older. Maybe because my only grey hair made an appearance again.

Egg is being more active every day. He stopped hating his bouncy chair and we have been to baby massage classes. Got a cute certificate. And have been looking for a baby club/play group to join, more for me I think than for Edgar. So I won't go bananas. All we do is eat, sleep and go the park... Now we sing, dance (Egg's in the sling) and sleep next to other babies play.

It is super nice to see that other people freak out about the babies too, also nice to see what is soon to come. Little 11 month old Leela was very interested in Egg's sleepy foot. All the singing put him right to sleep...

Well it has been a roller-coaster of emotions. I would never change it. But one thing it would be nice to have a tincy bit of free time.... I miss gym and cinema.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

One Month

On the 15th August my waters broke... Then on the 17th I heard my Milky Boy scream... 

We had a really bad bad labour and a very long one, ended up with failed attempt with forceps and then a c section. So much for never being in hospital... 

Milky Boy is a big boy, he was 9 pounds 4 ounces, 4kg 200gr for my metric friend... And he eats loads! 

Considering how awful the labour has been, having my baby here is amazing! I still feel funny about being a mother, I'd rather not think about this as a life changing thing or as a new role. I take it every day as it comes and one problem at the time... that includes being peed on!

So far I had a bit of baby blues... amazing it did not turn into full on depression! 
Just holding him makes me so happy. We also discovered the joys of formula milk, that baby of ours eats soo much, so we have to top him up. And joys of dummy. Last one is very recent and saved me from being used as a dummy and now I can actually wear clothes and leave the house!! Also in the end, poo is just poo.

Everyone has been so great, cards, presents and all warm wishes. We feel very special and thank you all! 

So far, I know that babies are hard work. But oh so wonderful!! 

Happy 1st month Edgar, I love you so very much xx

Monday, 11 August 2014

Feel the Bump Love!

It's a nice feeling actually... you feel like the centre of the earth sometimes, but sometime I just want to say that "just chill I'm not dying I'm just pregnant".... But it is nice to have a party thrown in the honour of your roundness and be this centre of everything. 
So my amazing in laws, and Martin (brother in law) especially,  organised me a baby shower!

I was feeling a bit down and such, waddling around just waiting for stuff to happen and being by my self most of the time, so it was a welcome change to go back to Wales, see everyone and have people fuss over me...

Feel really grateful and loved! Thank you all so much!!

And big thank you for amazing gifts! This baby will look amazing straight after birth... and much needed perks for me:) 

We have sampled the baby foods... as per some strange baby shower tradition... Well this made me want to make my own. Don't know how long I will last with that but the idea is in my head. These things were wile!!!

I actually had an early baby shower present a while back from Marzena. And my dear I did look at some messages on the nappies, I almost weed my self they were so funny.

And yes we all are wearing sperm as name tags:) 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Just a quick note...

Baby is still in the belly so we are still in anticipation of the big day!

yeah, that's one big bump:)
Lots of love it's time for my daily nap:)

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Moisterise me!!!!

As you know everything has been changing... I actually have started to waddle. Me and my friend Marzena have decided that we either like ducks or penguins. Bring on the penguin outfits, they are slimming she said!! So if you see a penguin outfit get us a couple!!

But what I actually wanted to write about if the stuff I have been using to keep these strech marks at bay and generally some of the awesome products I loved. I never wrote anything like this before, it's seems rather commercial but hey I love these things, why won't I tell you about them! 
I guess everyone is super concerned about the change your body goes throw when you are expecting. As you know I was freaking out and it was hard for me not to do things I normally would do. But I can proudly say that at 9 months of pregnancy I can still reach my toes and did not ask anyone to paint my toe nails! And to keep changed at bay, and not to have any stretch marks (so far, touch wood!!) I have been moisturising like crazy. 
Here are the products I use... Not all at the same time of course... 

I figured any moisturiser will do, as long as it is on in a thickish layer. I used up some body lotion from Body Shop I had, now I'm Garnier body all over. I love their firming lotion too, but bit scared to use it now when I'm expanding:) Keep bits soft and not itchy (yeah you grow you itch) I have showers with Lush's Rub Rub Rub shower scrub on my shower puff instead of shower gel. It lathers, smells beautifully, and leaves you squeaky clean! Speaking of Lush I had some Christmas gifts left overs with Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. Don't know if it is a limited edition for Christmas or something but this stuff is magic. Thick rich cream with this argan oil smell... Don't really need perfume after or I would wear my favourite Skin by Trussardi. I also been given the Almond Shower Oil.... Now this one is a bit tricky, but if I have to rush I won't have time for moisturiser after the shower this is a must, you are lathered in oil while showering. However a bit tricky to use if you never used it before. Just cover you wet skin in it and add bit more water for more bubbles.
For the face I have been using botanic for couple of years now, and couldn't be happier really. No lines for me thank you! 
With pregnancy your sense of smell heightens too... I have been a big fun of smelly shower gels and such. Body Shop has a great sale on at the moment got 2 bottles of shower gel, papaya and passion fruit for only £6! 
In the beginning I was concerned that my hair was not growing like it used to... Oh panic! It does grow but some what slower I think, so I was nourishing the locks with cheapest coconut and almond hair mask. I mean do you have time or patience to keep if for three minutes while you are in the shower? So what difference does this make if you wash off the super expensive hair mask down the drain or the cheap one with same ingredients?!
 This stuff is good, hair feels softer and not as dry all the indoor heating and pollution). 
I also used the traditional preggo products such as Bio Oil and Palmer's Stretch mark massage cream. Bio Oil is lovely but takes forever to dry and I really do not like the way it smells. I still use it for extra perks for my big belly but Palmer's cream I love it, on the second tube now.

Oh I also singed up for a Birch Box. It's a monthly box with samples in it. Cute, inexpensive and feels like a real treat. I was well impressed when my 1st box arrived with Opi nail vanish and Caudalie face fluid thing-y. It is like my beauty treats because frankly I would not be getting Opi or Caudalie my self any time soon.... It makes me feel like real girl again! and not a live human incubator... (even if I enjoy my pregnancy sometimes it makes you feel... well fat!)

Now I feel I need to really concentrate on the skin care, sleepless nights and such. I do not want to look my age still... Just because I will be a mother in few weeks doesn't mean I will dress like a mother or start looking older, or even my actual age:)