Wednesday, 20 September 2017

My mama's visit

Last two weeks were busy. As you know Egg started preschool and my mother came to visit. 
And of course nothing is easy with us... she was meant to get here on Wednesday so I got the phone all at 4am Wednesday morning asking how far was Gatwick from Cardiff. Yes at 4am. And yes this sort of question. 
Turns out her plane was delayed by 10hours... 
And when she got here on Thursday she didn't ring to say what time she would arrive to Cardiff. Damn I was worried. Even called my step dad but reassured me saying it's probably her phone... and you know it was. 

We had lots of fun!
We went to street food festival, Egg wasn't a fan at 1st but did enjoy playing with all the fun tuktuks 

It's a great place to take your family and friends and even grouchy kiddies. Even in the rain. It is still here for his weekend so if you haven't been go eat something fun and sit in a cool disused transport.
We been to the pool twice, drunk beer, shopped pretty much till we dropped and mum did kick us out for dinner just the husband and me...

We went to a fancy restaurant but about this next time. 
We also spend time cooking eating and wine drinking. And we walked... a lot! Considering she used to run marathons she was so tired at 1st. But think I got her into a walking mood. She did ask for me to count up the kilometres we walked in these two weeks. 
It was super nice to have her here. She seemed rested, even if she did insist on doing stuff. And we didn't have a massive argument, everyone is amazed! 
She is safely home already. And I got to say I miss her already! 

Sunday, 17 September 2017


I might have been a bit quiet lately. Not only because my mother is visiting at the moment but also because my little munchkin started pre-school. 
And we survived... just about.
I just still cannot quiet believe that he is already starting school, he is actually one of the youngest kids there. But not the smallest! 
We started two days with half of our class for two days and then from this Wednesday with all the kids. 
Well Egg being Egg was ever so upset for three days and now he goes in and seems happy.

On the day one school had to call me to say that the child settled and now playing outside. But he was still looking for the way out of the school. Actually made them get another gate for the door to the "big" school. And this Friday when I dropped him off he still didn't want to wear shoes but he walked in and let go of my hand. And when we came back to pick him up he was sitting munching on the pineapple and wasn't interested in leaving. 

But the school of course brought up the fact that he doesn't listen and doesn't really talk. However there has been a little update on that front. He is making more words or at least attempting them and we got another audiology (hearing doctors) appointment. 
But school school is great. And I think will need to take Welsh too! 
I also cannot wait for him to make friends and me meeting other parents! 

Saturday, 2 September 2017

There is no such thing as a Gruffalo!

About a year ago my mother in law got us tickets to see Gruffalo on stage in New Theatre in the end of summer. We pretty much been waiting for this for about a year. Well I was.
All the recent cinema visits were disastrous when we had to leave after about 20 mins of the start of the film. I was very worried. 
Also the pushy box office lady sold us tickets right in the front and in the middle... this didn't help my anxiety about out first theatrical visit.
Also my little cutie pie was a really difficult all week... maybe he is that threenager stage when it's only his way or no other way. But he doesn't talk so this resolves in massive tantrums. 

When I saw the flocks of children all different ages I have relaxed. My demon baby won't cry first. 
But he had a major melt down when his pram been folded and taken away. 
Then he didn't want to take his sit. But followed me anyway. Note to all the parents bring snacks, sweets and raisins kept him busy while he was trying to figure out that the play was actually fun and interesting. 
Well the Gruffalo is a great show. Egg was interested, he was looking on stage with excitement. I think he understood and even roared at the roary bit when we were scaring the fox. I laughed loudly too so did my mother in law. Everything was good. But bully the end he got a bit fed up and accidentally banged his head on the armrest. Poor monkey was really upset. 
Leaving the theatre there was of course a big queue but some one wasn't happy. I had to drag him into the corner and leave him to tantrum. It was bad. I felt bad. It was so publicly but it was the best thing I could do. I couldn't leave and he wouldn't calm down. One lady offered to call for help, another said she would take him. We have a little chat about the drama and how much we enjoyed the show. And then he came down. 
I guess the people who offered help either thought he is different, and that I looked young and stressed I guess. But the concern was generally coming from kind place and I didn't feel judged... 
but all and all it was a very nice experience and good things definitely outweighed the bad. 

(Angelic appearances are deceiving)

But he threw 2 more bigs ones.
He wanted to walk in different direction than me and almost run out on the road. So I had to grab him and put him in the pram and tell him off. 
I seem to do a lot of this at the moment. Just keep saying that I am the boss not him and listening to him being annoyed and cry. 
My arms muscles hurt from wresting with this threenager but I can win this. I know. I just need sleep. 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Bank holiday. Hot day.

This last bank holiday treated us with some glorious sun and clear sky. And sleeping if you are a toddler is super hard. It's just warm.
Also I really didn't want to do anything so naturally I packed up the swimming stuff we had in the house, bikini for me and trunks for the child (our regular more suitable for pool adventure stuff was at my in laws) along with water wings we heard out for about 40 mins hike to the pool. 
So I naively thought we will be there right after opening time so it should be crowed and surly people would rather go the beach or something. Well we were greeted by this... 

I wanted to run back home and hide. But I thought I shall not be defeated by this and to be fair the queue moved really quickly. Must be some technical difficulty, or something along these lines. 
And pool was fun. Although kid tired to climb all over jacuzzi bit and were whistled at, and he is really strong willed yet totally lost without me. I put him on top the silde telling him I will meet him on the bottom he didn't hear and looked a bit lost... but all is well.
Then he had a cheeky meatballs in Ikea while I had a salad and admired his apetite after an hour long swimming. And of course took some photos 

All was going well and after a nap we went around the block for a scoot 

Well note to self. A tired child who was up early and after the pool will get hot and bothered rather quickly after scooting on the hot afternoon. Some people enjoyed the look of a super mum with a three year old on her shoulders holding legs with one arm while carting a scooter with another. 

All these things seem like a nightmare on the bank holiday. I think they would have been if I didn't have a child to entertain. We were active, we had fun, he had a tantrum or two but so did other kids with their parents. It was busy but I don't care, child and I had fun and that's the most important thing. 

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Too much of the good thing

Well it was too good... just too good..
For about a month the little one sleeps through the night and if he does wake up then only for a second. 
And he wakes up about 6.30am and sometime even 7.30... and few days ago he got up at 8.30am! 
I thought we conquered the sleep thing... or did we?

On Friday we went for a long walk in the Bute Park. But we didn't take a usual route we went by the river, there is small foot path there. So Egg could just run ahead of us and be actually totally safe, no bikes around.  

Here he is looking for big stones. 
We got home a bit later then dinner time and pretty much since 5pm until bath at 6.30pm he didn't stop eating and grazing. 
And the next day he was up at 5am... and was up a lot at night. We got him over tired and over fed. 
I thought it was a one off. I hope it's one off. 
Today he woke up at 5min to 5. This is progress right? 
But I am exhausted. There is always so much to do when you are stay at home parent. Even if I went to bed around 10 last night. Yeah I am this rock'n'roll Saturday night I was in bed at 10pm
So what we have learnt. I need sleep! Don't overtire and overfeed your kid before bed.  

Monday, 21 August 2017

Relationship with body and with running!

I am a lazy person. If I do not feel like going running I won't. I sort of wish I was more well committed to running! But it is also comes with the fact that I don't actually have time, not really. Hubby works silly hours to keep me at home before Egg goes to school. When little one is in nursery I either catch up on house work or I am studying. Sometimes I am so busy that I do not get to sit down till like 9pm and then ideally I need to be in bed around 10pm because the kid will be awake early ... so I give myself a permission to be lazy... also I am taking a year off races. I blogged about this before but it is something I still struggle with. And not only that... I feel a bit guilty that I don't run. 
In a way I guess I gave myself a permission to be lazy. 
But and here is a bit but... I guess. I like me better when I was a bit leaner. Not necessarily thinner but leaner more tonned. 

(Big cheeks and very big hair)

I haven't been light thin since I was 15 and I am
Ok with it. I am also ok with my changed body after having Egg. I do miss sometimes going braless. And I am ok that I am more of the size 12 now. It's ok to gain weight and ok not to be the same, and I am happy with my body. I grew a human I can walk with no trouble for over 10k daily, my body is amazing! 

I was meant to go for a run with a friend but she had to cancel I actually felt a bit disappointed that we can't go for a run but I didn't go by my self... I did some cooking and tidy a bit. 
It feel like I have not only taking a year off races but year off running and this isn't my aim. 
And also just last week I have listened to Scummy Mummies talking to Ruth Field who wrote Run fat bitch run. She said that running is just really good for you, which is true especially now that I am in my thirties, and that it is easiest and cheapest exercise there is. Like I didn't know it before. But having some one else saying it, it made me sad I gave up on it. So here it goes at next available moment I shall go out a run! 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Growing up

One of my friends from high school posted this picture on Facebook

It says "Friends are like stars. You don't see them all the time but they are here" and it's a great sentiment and became really true for me since becoming a mother. I think my friends Marzena and Eva would agree. We all used to work together and had great relationships but since they had their boys we barely see each other. Also the fact that they don't reside in Cardiff but are in smaller towns in South Wales. And I am jealous of their sea views!
Last week very inexpected I got a message from my university friend Lindsey who I haven't seen in years. 
So we met up had a good chat and a coffee. Sadly she lives all the way in Tenby. Once again jealous of the sea views... it was so nice to see her even if only for few hours. 

We both are mothers now and share the same struggles with lack of sleep. Even if we haven't been talking we still have common interests, like making random foods like kimchi and kefir (well I get mine from Continental shops), like raising boys, books we don't have time to read. 
However when I am random pottering around and going back to study she started her own business. So big shout out to The Wildflower Nursery!