Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The sun is awake

I love summer. Sunshine, long days, warmth.... 
But when your child gets the attitude of r the sun is awake so I am awake. It is a killer. Why child why?
Couple of days ago he got up really early and didn't want to go back to sleep. So I bundled him up and we went to sleep in the spare room. We slept till 7.30 and it was the whole hour longer to usual wake up time. 
But he was snoozing next to me. This isn't something we want to do again. Yesterday he got up and grouched. And grouched. So I did the same. I am weak! And my little munchkin has a cold and therefore a bit poorly. 

Yes I know I am trying to justify breaking the routine.... Bad parent good mama!
I think we need to get different curtains and duvet for him. Hey won't hurt right? 
Today we are up since 5.30am... I am back in being a Mombie! 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Whiskey Tango Tina Fey

So I have left the boys few days ago and run away to see if the trailer of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was true.. It just looked so good. 
And it was!
I would highly recommend it. It is rather marvellous. The film is about the journalists in Kabul in the beginning to mid naughties. What they did and how they did it... It was very interesting, engaging and super funny. The lady across the aisle from me was laughing even louder than me. 

Big koodos to Alfred Molina he was so evil... and so funny! 
It made me think about a lot of things. Kym, Tina Fey's character, is very concerned about women's right. 

How Taliban was, and is, oppressing women. How women are there to make home and bare children. How the same people years later shot an innocent girl into a head just because she wanted to study. In the final scene with the fixer/translator was I was almost sure he would say that his baby daughter's name is Malala. 

This is the next film I would love to see. Malala is an amazing young woman, and I would love to know more about her.
This also made me think of what could have been... what if I would actually chose the real fun job instead of doing what I did. I don't regret it, well not a lot. But imagine what could have been... 
But anyway, I am rambling, this cleaver titled film is super good. Do watch it. You will enjoy it... 
Or don't the choice is yours. 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

It is time to..

To rejoin the real world. Where people work. And where I won't be feeling like I am just a poop cleaner and such... 

I am looking for a job. And it is hard. Well I haven't been too active but at least I apply for about 5 jobs a week or so. So far I got one awesome call that I've been head-hunted, which never happened to me before... but the job was in Birmingham. Chap found me before I updated my details... 

I think I don't look for something unrealistic. I just was an admin or reception work in the office environment with 9-5 or similar work hours. But I do think the issue I have is that I have been only working in hospitality and some people don't seem to realise that this is also administrative work. 

But hey, keep fingers crossed for me, coz this mama is going a bit mental just being a mama.
There is one thing however that scares me a bit... Will I be ok not spending all my time with my little guy. Scary. Especially since I didn't know what to do with my self when daddy and Edgar stayed at grandparents for a day.... 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Getting the use of my unlimited card...

It is hard to find time to do anything, cinema is one of my favourite thing to do. But now I actually have a new cinema buddy, in a way... my mother in law!
We went to see Dad's army a while back and this Monday we went to see Eddie the Eagle. Dad's army was good, but Eddie the Eagle was better. 

It was very uplifting, and that the victory isn't everything. Coming from Russia, it is relatively new notion to me! Basically it was great I really enjoyed it. Even with all the dirty jokes... that my mother in law took it on board and have been repeating the joke to me for two days! I left the cinema feeling rather happy!
I also been to see Kung Fu Panda 3 and truly enjoyed it. 

Almost cried like a big cry baby that I am. Actually that was also the day the boys stayed up at with my in laws. Now that was strange. I haven't been by my self, truly by my self, in well over 2 years (I wasn't alone, when I was pregnant either). it was rather sweet and with lots of Pandas. 
I truly got my money worth this month by going 3 times to the cinema. We saw the Huntsman.

 It was good, enjoyed strong female leads. What I didn't like is a dodgy accent, don't even remember there was one in the Snow White and Huntsman. Hey who won't enjoy the hunky Hemsworth do his thing and being all heroic. Oh and funny people helped a lot! But the main plot twist was in the trailer. WHO DOES THAT?! I tend to avoid trailers for this reason... But I do like these. And this sucked a lot! 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Sleep training...

We love our boy just too much... And we don't want him to cry at night so we always picked him up and cuddle him. So he won't go to sleep by himself ever. We had a brief moment in time when he did fell asleep by himself but he was just a small baby then. 
And he also migrated into our bed. I guess with the moving we did in his first year of life it might be very complicated to  get used to one bedroom. 
It is nice to have your baby next to you sleeping and hugging but not all the time and not when this baby takes all the space and also like to kick and pull your hair... Enough was enough and besides he is a big boy (relatively) right now so we have decieded to finally move him into his own room and to try to sleep train.... 

We have been doing if for about a week now... Edgar will have a bath, we get ready for bed and read him a story. They he would go into his cot with a bottle and  we will leave the room... And few minutes later he will be sound asleep. It is freaking Magic! I love this! My life is much easier now..

But it was super hard to start. Our big man enjoyed stuffing his fingers into his mouth and making himself sick in protest. We were with him the 1st night and I found all the yelling so hard that I had to leave the room and second I did it Edgar was covered in sick and husband shouted for help. First night he didn't want to give up and I felt very evil for not soothing him so he ended up in our bed from about 4am and slept till 7am. Now that doesn't happen very often. 

I of course felt guilty for putting all of us throw this horrid cry and yell a night before and in a way it was all for nothing that I gave in and took him in... However I felt it was still an achievement that he put himself to sleep. 
In a day I had yet another challenge on my hands-nap time! Oh this was hard. After I moved his bed so he cannot pull the curtains and look out of the window he complained at me for about 5-10mins and went to sleep. 
Little bed moved to the wall next to the mantel. Well you can't see and old Victorian fireplace but we have a shelf for big man where he can get his bottles of milk or water when he wants to.
Night time is now great. He just might need a change of nappy but otherwise he is fairly indipendant getting his own drinks and such. 
We still struggle with naps but it is still early days. I still sit with him in a day till he falls asleep and sometimes he ends up in our bed. Edgar still doesn't quiet know what is a blanket for so he gets chilly at times and needs to be swaddled. But now he always wakes up happy and according to the husband I "look more human" and I don't need to nap anymore!! 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

New pretty finds

Cardiff became more interesting after we have came back. More fun shops, more indi businesses, and even more street art.
I think since the rugby world cup in 2015 they allowed to draw legally on the wall next to Arms Park and Millennium stadium. And it is beautiful! 

Fantastic, aren't they! 

Traveling with toddler

Travelling from one country to another... With two flights and a train journey is hard. Now try to do it with a toddler that won't stay still for a moment... 
We are back now from Russia to sunny and windy Wales. The travel actually wasn't too bad, all things considered. He slept on the 1st flight for about half an hour and was really pleased about the lady behind us and in front of us. That kid is such a charmer when he wants to be. 
We barely survived the layover. Oh by the way the worst service in TGI Fridays in Sheremetevo airport. It wasn't busy they weren't rushed off their feet or anything. To order it took like 15 mins, then for my drink, Pepsi light, it was another 15 mins... Oh and I never seen my change. We waited for a bit but big man started to kick off big time... Well I guess I wouldn't have tipped otherwise. I never felt this way before about the service anywhere... And I worked in that industry!  
But the cabin crew on the flight to London were excellent! One of them held the big man while I was dealing with the pram. And on the way out while I was holding the big man again they have tied my shoe lace! Aeroflot you have surprised me and provided an outstanding service!
Big man slept for most of the second flight! 

But the train journey was hard work. The plane has limits for Edgar to move around... However the train is free to roam around! He found the dog to look at and be amazed by. Quick hallo to the lady owner she was lovely! 
Then we talked to a new mum and her little girl. Someone was very charming again. They talked to each other! Was just so cute! Ladies, we don't know your names but hope you had great time at grandmother's in Bristol. 
Then Edgar was set to steal the suitcase of the blind gentlemen and wanted to play with his clever guide dog... 
But then we have finally arrived. 
This Monday was the longest ever... We were up from 3am Chelyabinsk time then I went to nap at 3pm Cardiff time until 8.30pm and went back to bed at 10.30pm. While the big man joined me in bed and in zzzz land at 4pm and woke up at 5.30am... Poor lad was tired! 
Well I'm looking forward not to travel I internationally for a while! 
But if you are travelling with toddler... Pack food drink and toys and clothes... And do not feel guilty. You have to travel. And you happen to have a child with you.  Everyone can just deal with it.... They them selves either traveled with kids before or were kids, and I bet they weren't as well behaved as your kid!